Sunn O)))

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The following footage is Marcus Werner Hed’s short film of a performance by LA-based dark ambient, drone metal band Sunn 0))), who have a loyal fan base and are widely regarded as leaders in their doomy genre. This experience of them perform was orchestrated by artist Banks Violette as the pivotal part –the collaborative subject matter- of his first solo show at Maureen Paley's gallery. In the upstairs space Violette constructed a "ghost" of the band's guitars and amps, cast in the artist's signature materials resin and salt, whilst gallery walls were drawn directly on to. The main gallery, however, carried the message: "No entry until after performance." Sunn 0))) performed their drone from this secluded area, fully aware of the penetrating noise of their particular take on drone. Apparently their guest vocalist -Mayhem's Attila Csihar- was performing from a sealed salt-and-resin coffin, and presumably Sunn 0))) were in their hooded cloaks. The sounds resonated for an hour to an audience that had to make each other, and their presence at a hidden band’s gig, the focus of interest.