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£100 (Excludes VAT)


This is Sound System, a limited edition box set released by The Clash. It contains all five remastered and rereleased versions of the band's classic albums including 'The Clash' and 'London Calling' as well as rare B-sides, demos, zines, artworks and other memorabilia.

Sound System contains:

1xCD - The Clash (1977)
1xCD - Give 'Em Enough Rope (1978)
2xCD - London Calling (1979)
3xCD - Sandinista (1980)
1xCD - Combat Rock (1982)
3xCD - The Clash Sound System Extras (bonus material, 1976-1982)
1xDVD - The Clash (contains interviews, live performances and all the promo videos)
"Service Manual" (a hardback guide to the contents of the box set)
Dog Tags
5 Badges
3 DIY Stickers
The Clash Paperback Book (blank!)
The Clash Folder
Armagideon Times Special Edition (36 pages)
Armagideon Times 1 (Reprint - 24 pages)
Armagideon Times 2 (Reprint - 24 pages)
2 Bumper Stickers
The Clash Vintage Sticker Set
15" x 15" Poster

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