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£708.33 (Excludes VAT)


This stunning display of rare tropical beetles was created by Alexis Turner at London Taxidermy especially for the Shaun Leane exhibition at SHOWstudio. The iridescent insects provided the inspiration for Leane's 22ct Gold Beetle Brooch and Diamond Jewel Beetle Brooch

Stenocera aeguisignata, Chrysina resplendens, Calolpistus castelnaudii, Chrysina optima,Chrysochroa rajah, Chrysochroa bauudoni, Chrysochroa, Purpureiventris wings open, Jumnos ruckeri, Stenocera aeguisignata wings open, Cyphogastra javanica, Dicronorrhina micans, Catoloxantha opulenta, Chrysophora chrysochlora, Chrysochroa saundersii, Chrysina gloriosa

Frame: 39 x 26cm

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