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    1. 12:00 24 Mar 2012
  2. by Liberty Ross .



    Human Statue of Liberty made up of 18,000 soldiers in support of World War 1, 1918 by Arthur Mole and John Thomas. Audrey Hepburn by Craig Alan both images via colossal 



    1. NK
      11:31 15 Feb 2012
      thank you Liberty.
      Strangely, I asked my shirt maker to make me a shirt just like the one David Hemmings is wearing and he told me not only had he made the actual shirt that David Hemmings is wearing , but he still had the same cloth.
      Fascinating world all that 1960s London menswear, but that is another project entirely.
  4. by Liberty Ross .

    Beautiful Rebel

    Here are some screenshots of "Beautiful Rebel" Ryan McGinley's film for Edun's SS12 featuring six different species of African butterflies. So pretty

  5. by Liberty Ross .

    Atticus & The Globes

    I took this photo off the TV - my bro was nominated for a Golden Globe for the score he wrote with Trent Reznor for "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo". Big congrats goes out to them again for their BAFTA nomination!

  6. by Liberty Ross .


    I'm so sorry to bring scrunchies back but I recently watched the 80ies cult movie "Heathers" again and thought it definitely deserves a post. I love how the girls including Winona Ryder are styled- pleated skirts, blazers, insane hats and cute little socks in ballerina flats.... so cool. Here are a couple of my fav. moments and looks, I hope you enjoy reminiscing while listening to some Debbie Harry or Cyndi Lauper.

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