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    A sun damaged picture on my refrigerator door of my first modeling assignment, it was for Charles Saatchi's exhibition 'SENSATION' which first showed in London at the Royal Academy of Art in 1997.

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    1. x
      21:44 29 Jan 2012
      and who would have thought that you become a Dinos Chapman doll just a few short years later!
    2. Maurifleur
      15:55 30 Jan 2012
      a tangible time goes be continue...
  2. by Lily Donaldson .

    Spider webbed trees, Sindh, Pakistan

    A tree lined walkway in the Pakistani village of Sindh, where the trees were shrouded in beautiful, ghostly cocoons created by millions of spiders climbing into the them to escape the devastating floods of 2010.

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    Connan Mockasin. Forever Dolphin Love.

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    I love Connan's voice. It's weird and a bit creepy. The album 'Forever Dolphin Love' has been one of my favourites for a while. 

    Erol Alkan (who re-released the album earlier this year on his label, Phantasy) has done a remix of this song, along with Mr Micky Moonlight.



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    Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

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    1968 when Fleetwood Mac played the blues.

    My mum and Mick on the cover of the record..

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    1. 20:43 25 Oct 2011
      Whoa ! Go Lilys Mum!
    2. pori
      11:15 4 Nov 2011
      I would like to ask that what was the need to develop of the jewish litrature?
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  5. by Lily Donaldson .

    Happy Survival

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    This is one of my favorite songs. It's Nigerian and it's beautiful.


    1. 23:14 13 Oct 2011