1. by Marian Newman .

    Vivienne Westwood Gold S/S 15

    The wedding dress inspired by a little Indian boy who had wrapped himself in yards of material. For MAC Cosmetics trashed dolly nails. Eliza Cummings modelling.

  2. by Marian Newman .

    Giles S/S 15

    Giles green and black plastic 'drug capsule' nails for MAC Cosmetics. Let's get knitting!

  3. by Marian Newman .

    The nails at Vivienne!

    29 models. 29 hair looks. 29 make up looks. 29 nail looks. This is one - gorgeousness! It's Marian Newman for MAC Transformations over black!


    1. jon.emmony
      17:36 15 Sep 2014
      These are great x

    1. luciano27
      17:59 11 Oct 2010
      If anyone was going to continue the work at McQueen it was going to be Sarah Burton. Excellent job and great attention to detail in this display. The runway show was simple and delicate as was the clothing. Great job.
  5. by Marian Newman .

    London Fashion Week

    For me, LFW is over. 8 shows and 1 film (showing in Paris) later, it's time fir a day off. This is my new friend the Grazia dog we have named LFD

    Thank you Showstudio for asking me to blog and thank you to my fabulous team (Adam Slee, David Barton, Helen Lisle-Taylor, Lucy Galsworthy and Schanelle Ricketts) Maybe see you in Paris


    1. la
      15:21 21 Sep 2010
      Isn't she lovely.
      I would be the first person to join the Kate Phelan fan club.
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