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    1. Thadeus Tobin
      02:01 9 Jan 2013
    2. Tychoon
      12:02 1 Feb 2013
      can't wait to see this studio being used live,
      keep up the good work!
  2. by Nick Knight .

    SHOWstudio is moving

    At the end of January SHOWstudio is moving from Mayfair to Belgravia. Here is the new space. We just need to build a beautiful cove and paint everything white. Very exciting.

  3. by Nick Knight .

    John O

    John O was a lovely man.
    John O was a lovely man and my black and white printer in the 1980s.
    There were two brilliant printers then, John O Driscol and Brian Dowling.  John O printed black and white and Brian colour.
    I worked with John O on all the early Yohji Yamamoto campaigns and then on Martine Sitbon and then Jil Sander and on all my portraits.
    John O could print in ways that no other printer could or had ever attempted.  Using hand cut masks he managed to create prints that looked so beautiful and complex you would think they could only have been possible in Photoshop, 10 years before Photoshop was invented!
     He had the patience of a saint and an unflinching determination that would mean all night printing sessions were a regular occurrence.

    There is something magical about an old fashioned darkroom, everything bathed in the red light, the trays of chemicals and just watching the image appear from nowhere on the wet paper.  Magical and in John O's lab totally wondrous even awe inspiring.
    To allow us to view and discuss the images he would rest the wet prints on an angled viewing board where they glistened and sparkled as the water ran off them.
    The deepest of blacks, jutted right up against delicate smooth dove greys.  Wood smoke and jet.
    Depth of tone that made your head spin.
    He created prints that felt like that could knock you clean over, they had such powerful visual impact.

    It is a sign of any great artist and craftsman, that his or her work physically reminds you of that person, and John O's prints certainly did.
    Physically John O was big man, bearded with curly light brown hair and a big strong frame.
    He was easy to smile and his eyes twinkled with mischief and delight.  In all those years I can never remember him being sad or cross.
    I can remember his singing and I remember his laugh.

    He had a huge O. Winston Link print hanging in his darkroom, which he loved. It's the picture of the train at night, caught and rendered motionless by O Winston Links 100s of carefully positioned flash bulbs.  Maybe it was the huge amount of effort and care this photographer had put into his work that touched John O, as it was exactly the effort and care he would put into creating one of his stunning prints.

    John O always wanted to work for the best photographers and in the 1990s he moved to New York and printed for one of the greatest photographers of all time, Irving Penn.  I know he would have made his new client really happy.
    John O was a lovely man.

    John Driscol passed away last week from lung cancer.

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    1. 03:55 25 May 2012
    2. ericesquire
      11:18 25 May 2012
      the great one [s] go first.

      with respect

      eric esquire
    3. M
      14:31 28 May 2012
      John O was a friend of mine always first at the bar buying drinks for everyone, he was generous in spirit it was his nature. Also he had a preternatural sense of what the negative you gave him should become. I have many a print he made for me that I cherish , the residue of the man always on them. We will all miss him too much.

      The cemeteries are full of people the world could not do without.
    4. thenameisalicianelson
      06:07 20 Feb 2013
      so beautiful
  4. by Nick Knight .

    Alexander Fury

    One of the questions I get asked the most is why did I start SHOWstudio, and I will always enthusiastically answer by talking  about Fashion Film, new technology, showing the process and so on. However perhaps the most important reason was to be able to provide a place where I could collect around me all that I loved; the new and the different. Emerging and undiscovered talents that could have a place to grow and to blossom free from the distorting pressures of commerce.

    Back in 2008 the then editor of SHOWstudio, the wonderful Penny Martin, introduced me to her new assistant, a peculiarly handsome young man who was still at the time working for the most refined of banking establishments, Coutts (as a way to fund his fashion education) and with a name that from the offset has a ring of grandeur to it; Alexander Fury.

    True to the 'being thrown in at the deep end'  nature of SHOWstudio one of the young Alex's first projects was a 3 day long live broadcast from Abbey Road studios, called Fashion Djs. Alex was to be introducing and talking about the acts, wether it was Stella Mc Cartney chatting by phone to  Miss Piggy, Naomi Campbells top 10 or Gareth Pughs Day-Glo line dance. No rehearsal time, no script, just living off your wits.  As soon as his first words flowed out across the fm airwaves, he shone.  At the end of the 3 days and nights Penny took me to one side and whispered to me " he is a little star, you know."

    Since that event Alex has gone on to be perhaps one of the most inspirational people I have the pleasure to work with. Our days usually start with Alex casually dropping into conversation, over a fondant fancy he favours for breakfast, some little jem of information, so obscure but so marvellous that it explodes in my mind producing a million new beginnings of ideas, anything from Baudrillard to Babe Paley.  To say Alex has an encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion is really not to paint you the full picture. He can pull references for the the social etiquette of the " toilette of Marie Antionette", relate in one sentence Alexander Mcqueens shoes, the prow heads of Renaissance warships and domestic violence and tell stories of The Marchesa De Casati "who wore live snakes as jewellery and who was infamous for her evening strolls, naked beneath her furs and parading her chetahs on diamond studded leashes' as easily as most people can tell you about the weather.  We often say people are inspiring but in the case of this particular young man, he is utterly in a league of his own.

    A large part of Alex's job at SHOWstudio was to cover the collections. I remember really early on somewhat alarmed reports that the journalist from SHOWstudio was so overcome with excitement at one particular show he was actually applauding whilst standing on his chair. The news just made me think that that is exactly the sort of level of excitement fashion should provoke in people, so good for him I concluded and good for the designer in question too.  With the show coverage I always wanted SHOWstudio to offer real critism of the fashion shows and precisely not the highly edited versions of sycophancy that are all to often seen in increasingly desperate attempts to keep fickle advertising brands loyalty.

    There are of course a few times where Alex's directive from me to honestly speak his mind, has allowed his passion to get the better of his judgement and designers that were told they would "be better off dead so that they could at least have a grave to spin in" so bad has the show been, have all been calmed with me sending flowers and offering the somewhat harsh but neverthelees true explanation that at least when Alex offers a good review its the truth from his heart.

    Both he and I believe firmly that fashion, like any art form, benefits from real criticism and designers like any artists want to really know how there work is percieved, there is nothing more frustrating and harmful than a lack of real debate, so I have always encouraged Alex to not pull any of his punches.

    It can be no secret I am heartbroken to lose him but I will have to find a different and less selfish asseement of the situation. If SHOWstudio can provide the environment to develop and nuture talents such as Mr Alexander Fury, then every effort that I have poured into it is more than fully justified. I will never think of trying to replace him, that would not be possible, but instead, to allow the wave of brilliance he has created at SHOWstudio to attract more of the sort of people I love to have near me.

    I am so enormously proud of him being given such an amazing opportuniy as he has been to work with Katie at Love Magazine and no one in their right mind would even dream of holding him back from that.  Alex and I have projects that we will still work on but for now at least he is off to inspire and excite others. And to anybody else who has the chance to work with him, I would honestly advise them to realise how lucky they are and savour every moment,and relish every pearl of wisdom Alex will give.

    There are in my own private sky a few really bright stars, Lee, John, Ruth, Gareth, all people who have lit up my imagination, Alex has been and will be shinning there too. Penny you could not have been more correct in your assessment of this young man.
    I will miss you Alex.

    Nick Knight.


    1. Janet Fury
      18:22 1 May 2012
      Thanks Nick. We are so proud of what he's achieved and grateful to ShowStudio for recognising what we always saw in him.
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    1. 09:46 25 Jan 2012
      Thanks for sharing - these images are amazing!
    2. sally.northmore
      10:29 25 Jan 2012
      This is beautiful. The first image looks like a photograph of a submerged painting.
    3. jon.emmony
      10:31 25 Jan 2012
      These are so beautiful

    4. 01:06 2 Feb 2012
  6. by Nick Knight .

    Lil Darling's Souldies

    I found these fantastic illustrations on a incredible old soul music channel on Youtube run by someone called Lil Darling.
    Love the music 100% and love the art.
    If anybody know more about these I would love to find out who did them.
    Nick Knight

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    1. sylviapereira
      13:58 18 Nov 2011
      Ah, yes. You've got the answer, Sylvia Ji. Such beautiful work.
    2. N
      19:11 19 Nov 2011
      Thank you. I have gone to her website and even watched the video.
      Fantastic work.

    3. 18:20 23 Nov 2011
      I'm pretty sure silvia ji did some of these.
  7. by Nick Knight .

    A word to our fans...

    Dear Little Monsters,

    We will be releasing one last film on SHOWstudio from the Monster Ball tour, which will be announced soon.

    For the other songs what we created are often just loops of film that are repeated for the chorus or verse and therefore sadly are not complete films.

    The animated GIFs on the SHOWstudio Tumblr are a way of getting you something to remember from those songs and something to keep from the fantastic Monster Ball.

    I wish I could help more.

    Kindest regards,

    Nick Knight

    Recent comments

    1. E
      22:06 16 Nov 2011
      Please release all the loops in one only video!!! It will be amazing!!!
    2. AdamFearon
      22:32 16 Nov 2011
      Dear Nick, I know this may sounded remarkly rude.. but please could you release the just dance and the raven forest ? i know they are loops but ive waited 3 years to see that backdrop. The colours and creativeness are just too important to me not to see. I know by this point your probally already uploading the videos, but Nick im begging please can you upload the loops.. even if it just dance and the raven.. there so hard to recreate and i havent got the time to do it.. over the last couple of years i have progressed my skills further since you came onto the gaga scene. Please continue to inspire little monsters to find there creative freedom.. release more including just dance and the raven forest..

      Kind Regards your fan, Adam Fearon 17
    3. Cam
      22:49 16 Nov 2011
      Honestly, these films are so beautiful, so artistic, you're a genius, I must say. There aren't many people like you with such a creative gift. I know you may not understand it but these films are just simply incredible and being a fan. this is the ultimate thing to posses, because the visuals and imagery are just breathe taking, and you may not be in control of what is released or not, but I have to tell you on behalf on everyone, anything we can get from you guys (even if it's small loops or whatever) is just so exciting to have and we would all be absolutely if you could share with us all of these amazing creations. I respect you're work so much and what you have already given us has left me awake many nights watching them over and over again. Thank you so much SHOWstudio.
    4. AdamFearon
      23:17 16 Nov 2011
      Nick, could you please release this one.. i am begging :) This And Just Dance
      thankyou :)

    5. 03:10 5 Dec 2011
      Nick Knight Please, oh Please would you release the backdrop for money honey? I have been waiting for TWO YEARS for it, when do you think you would release them?!

    6. 04:37 7 Jan 2012
      Big please, release everything you have from lady gaga, like the puke film 3.0
      money honey backdrop
      just dance backdrop
      alejandro backdrop
      tattoo film
      if possible the mannifesto of little monsters with the audio from the monsterball (that instrument on the back)

    7. 19:05 16 Jan 2012
      Please, Nick, release The Fame Backdrop from the first version of The Monster Ball Tour as the final film!!
      It's your best creation of The Monster Ball Project!!!! And Lady Gaga's so gorgeous as a "kitty cat" in this film!!
      Think about it...
    8. Roman Sukdolák
      11:11 9 Sep 2012
      Please, I must see "Gaga eating heart" all version!! Please
  8. by Nick Knight .

    Gareth Pugh 'Frieze' project re-launched!

    Gareth Pugh's 'Frieze' is our latest digitally remastered augmented archive project.
    See Ruth Hogben and Nick Knight's fashion film documenting a 2006 shoot with British designer Gareth Pugh, styled by Nicola Formichetti and featuring a one-off selection of 'garments' created entirely out of balloons -and experience a brand new interactive feature.


  9. by Nick Knight .

    JamieXX remix of Amy Winehouse

    Please enable JavaScript to view this content.

    I was so in love with Amy's music. So sad. Such a waste.


    1. jay
      20:11 9 Nov 2011
      yo that is not jamie xx. it's ifan dafydd.
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    2. Pharmb450
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      06:20 24 Feb 2013
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  11. by Nick Knight .


    This is a photograph by a young French photographer who I particularly like called Marianne Maric. Her work is a mixture of the brutal, the sensual and the surreal.

    Hopefully you will be seeing a lot more from her soon...

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    1. Pharme409
      09:37 25 Jan 2013
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      09:39 25 Jan 2013
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  12. by Nick Knight .

    VIOLENCE. Sissel Tolaas response to questions about pheromones.


    Dear Nick, yes the topic pheromones is of great importance!!!!!


    The word "pheromone" comes from the Greek words perein=transmit and

    hormon=stimulate. A pheromone is a messenger of stimulation that tells us

    when and where we should gather and then separate. It tells us how we should

    behave toward the other sex and how we should know whether it is in fact the

    other sex. Pheromones tell us how to organize the members of a society in a

    structure befitting their dominance; they mark the exact borders of a

    territory. They also tell us how we can be sure beyond a doubt that we are


    Pheromones regulate power relationships, association and above all - SEX.

    Pheromones provide unconscious data from an arsenal of information that can

    be decisive for the course of human communication.

    Considering the flood of pheromone communication that reaches us directly,

    it is no wonder that  Western society, cut off from smell perception and

    over-deodorized as it is, tries to stimulate sexual attractiveness and

    activity with the help of artificial pheromones. This is doomed to failure

    because it is like cutting down the forest in order to plant trees.


    As human beings (men and women) we have the ability to sense certain

    chemical signals emitted by people around us—without being aware of it? We

    use a separate set of sensory receptor cells in our nose to receive social

    and sexual information from members of our own species.


    Testosterone is a hormone produced primarily in men's testes. The adrenal

    glands of both men and women also produce small amounts of testosterone.

    In men, testosterone produces sperm, facial and body hair, deep voices, and

    muscle mass and strength.

    Testosterone is associated with two behaviors in males: aggressive dominance

    of other males, and sexual activity. E.g., male red deer live peacefully

    together for most of the year. But in October their testosterone increases

    five-fold. They fight for territory. Female red deer select land that has

    sufficient food for raising fawns. The males that control the best

    territories mate with the most females.

    Testosterone is an anti-depressant, in men and women. It increases

    friendliness. It reduces anger, depression, fatigue, confusion, nervousness,

    and irritability.

    That may seem contradictory-testosterone makes males fight, yet makes them

    friendly. Testosterone makes males want to mate. If fighting precedes

    mating--e.g., gorillas--testosterone makes males fight. But if mating

    requires friendship e.g., baboons- testosterone makes males friendly.

    Testosterone varies between men more than four times. Football players have

    the most testosterone. Ministers have the least.


    Bacteria and fungi live on your skin and in your clothes. These organisms

    drink your sweat and digest your discarded skin cells. Their excretions make

    you smell . That's body odour.

    Body odour can provide be interesting signs of a specific state of mind as

    well as or of a more serious medical condition.


    When our "fighters" fight and sweat, we smell these molecules that live on

    their skin, mixed with their sweat. Each human body have a body smell as

    unique as their fingerprint - in sweat this is what we smell underneath the

    external molecules that live on the surface of the skin.


    New research has shown that some individuals are highly sensitive to

    smelling a component of body odour which is called androstenone.

    Furthermore, if the person can easily smell androstenone then he will decide

    whether or not he likes the person based on the smell. What is androstenone?

    It is a human pheromone which is a chemical attractant that is found in body

    secretions like perspiration. Men release large quantities of androstenone

    while women omit small amounts. So men are more likely to be judged by their

    smell than women. According to the study, fifty percent of people the

    population cannot smell androstenone at all and one half of them can only

    catch a whiff and enjoy the scent. Those who can smell androstenone, on the

    other hand, do not like the smell and compare it to urine or perspiration.

    The study went on to show that there was a correlation between the ability

    to smell androstenone and the androstenone-smeller's judgment of the person.

    In other words, if someone can smell androstenone on someone else and finds

    the smell unpleasant then he will dislike the person, or may be not……….


    Attached acouple of artickle on the topic!


    SORRY I DID NOT MEAN TO WRITE A BOKK........but the topic is what it is all




    Speak soon!


    Love SisselXXX

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