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    10th Anniversary of Art and Fashion Forum by Grażyna Kulczyk

    This weekend, 29 to 30 October, SHOWstudio will be moderating two creative panel discussions in Poznań, Poland as part of the 10th Anniversary of Art and Fashion Forum by Grażyna Kulczyk!

    The team are heading to Poland with a selection of key SHOWstudio contributors including curator Oriole Cullen and milliner Stephen Jones to participate in two debates; one on fashion and one on art. The theme of the event is 'Different = Irreplaceable' and the discussions will elaborate upon this.

    Videos of the debates will be available on, providing a global online reach for the first time in Art and Fashion Forum’s history. Explore behind the scenes at the event via Periscope!

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    Visionare releases a new book

    Visionaire have released a new book today, published by Rizzoli, to document the 25 years of the publication.

    Visionaire focuses on the cross-pollination of art, fashion, film, and contemporary culture as a tool to communicate unique experiences, with a deep and developed network of creatives.

    Nick Knight has been a huge part of the Visionare story since the early nineties and shares the founding beliefs of the quest for creative expression.

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    Subjective: Pat Cleveland on Guy Bourdin

    SHOWstudio are launching a brand new film from our Subjective series which presents the history of contemporary fashion photography from the perspective of it's subjects, the models. 

    In our latest edition, Pat Cleveland sits down with Nick Knight to discuss her time working with Guy Bourdin. Cleveland takes us behind the scenes of her first shoot with the mysterious Bourdin in 1971, and talks candidly about Bourdin's silent presence and minimal direction. 

    Watch this conversation now and be sure to check out the Subjective archive

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    Rest in Peace Richard Nicoll

    All of us at SHOWstudio are so saddened by the news of designer Richard Nicoll’s passing. Richard was a beautiful, bright and talented soul and such a supporter and friend to SHOWstudio over the years. In July 2009, our former fashion director Alexander Fury had the pleasure of interviewing Richard for our rolling In Fashion series. 'I think all that you need to worry about is what’s right in front of you and let destiny control the rest,’ he says, as a closing note, before smiling - that gorgeous, uplifting, infectious smile. We’ll miss you Richard and we’re so sorry for all your family and friends - our thoughts are with you.

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    New 'North' film with Gareth Pugh

    The North project was inspired by stereotypical imagery of the North of England in fashion, and how places of origin impact or nurture one's identity and creative output.

    In the latest instalment Gareth Pugh speaks about his upbringing in Sunderland, being a designer and the landmarks that hold a nostalgic signifance to him.

    Watch the interview and be sure to explore the rest of our North Project featuring essays by Adam Murray and Adrian Green, as well as an interview with Claire Barrow

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    New exhibition! 'Connecting Lines'

    Don't miss Connecting Lines at the OXO Gallery featuring three of our illustrators including: Velwyn Yossy, Frida Wannerberger and Connie Lim as well as artist Poppy Waddilove!

    The exhibition focuses on the importance of the friendship between the four artists as well as the significance of line drawing in each of their work and exemplifies their take on women within fashion illustration through a variety of mediums including paintings, intricate drawings and digitally created artworks.

    Connecting Lines is free of admision and is open from 19-23 of October from 10:00-19:00 daily! Be sure to visit the OXO Gallery at OXO Tower Wharf, London, SE1 9PH. 

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    New Fashion Film Submission by Sylvyen Nazaah

    SHOWstudio is a committed supporter of fashion film and aspiring creatives. To show this support Nick Knight offers filmmakers from across the globe to submit their work to SHOWstudio and a selection of these submissions that he finds impressive or inspiring will feature in our Fashion Film Submissions page!

    The latest addition is a film entitled Bisou by Sylvyen Nazaah, a London based filmmaker and artist. Nazaah's film follows Theo, a young man stalked by his ideas, indulging every impulse around his home town while ignoring his French lover who leaves him voicemails over the phone. 

    Watch the film and revisit our previous submissions and send your work to to be considered for inclusion! 

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    Elgar Johnson talks about the significance of the tracksuit

    In the latest instalment of Sportswear, a project exploring the history of key garments motivated by the influence of sporty shapes in high-fashion, Elgar Johnson - fashion director of British GQ Style - talks about his personal relationship with the tracksuit, and sports brand snobbery.

    Johnson explains, 'I think the beauty of the tracksuit is that anyone can wear it anytime and it’s accessible to anyone.  I think that as soon as you start putting things on catwalks, it almost makes it that only a certain person can wear it, they have to be a certain size, they have to have a certain look, and I don’t really believe in that.' 

    Catch the talk online now and don’t forget to check out the rest of the series.

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    Faustine Steinmetz: Sculpting denim process film now live!

    In June 2015, Faustine Steinmetz took up residency at SHOWstudio as part of our LiveStudio series. Building on her A/W 15 collection, Steinmetz wove a piece of denim using silk and copper. Sharing the logic behind the piece, she explained 'I’m doing this project because I’m interested in moulding the piece on the girl like a sculpture'.

    Put together using live stream footage from the project, a brand new process film is now available to watch on SHOWstudio! Tune in to see the film and revisit the project in full here.

    Plus, don't forget that the Faustine Steinmetz A/W 16 collection is now shop-able at the SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A e-store!

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    'The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined' opens at the Barbican

    Running from 13 October 2016 to 5 February 2017, The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined exhibition opens at the Barbican, exploring the challenging subject of taste in fashion, from the renaissance through to contemporary design. It showcases over 120 objects, from 18th century corsets, to contributions from leading contemporary designers such as Walter van Beirendonck, Stephen Jones, Moschino and Vivienne Westwood.

    The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined was curated by exhibition maker Judith Clark and psychoanalyst Adam Phillips, and influenced by Clark’s involvement to the SHOWstudio 2014 project Ugly.

    The exhibition shop also features wallpaper by Julie Verhoeven from our Forget-me-not project, available to buy now.

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    New project: Hospital Rooms!

    Hospital Rooms is a charity initiative co founded by artist, Tim A Shaw and curator, Niamh White. The charity was formed through the joint ambition to improve conditions for residents staying at mental health rehabilitation centres, commissioning groups of artists to refurbish the wards. 

    Hospital Rooms' debut project took place at the Phoenix Unit at Springfield University hospital in Tooting this year, where artists such as Nick Knight and Gavin Turk were invited to install an artwork of their choice.

    The project has just launched on SHOWstudio, where the works have been documented in an online gallery, as well as via interviews with some of the artists involved. Be sure to check out the project to learn more about the motivations behind the works as well as the way they have affected both patients, staff and artists!

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    Our S/S 17 Round-up panel schedule is here!

    Revisit the S/S 17 season with our live panel discussions. Lou Stoppard and industry experts will be rounding up the NYFW, LFW, MFW and PFW shows, discussing the highlights and notable moments.

    Follow our schedule below to stay up-to-date: 

    New York Fashion Week: 10 Oct at 10:30 GMT
    Lou Stoppard, SHOWstudio editor.
    Stavros Karelis, director. 
    London Fashion Week: 10 Oct at 17:30 GMT
    Lou Stoppard, SHOWstudio editor.
    Masha Mombelli, stylist.
    Sasha Wilkins, writer.
    Daniella Radojcin, editor-at-large.
    Milan Fashion Week: 11 Oct at 10:30 GMT
    Lou Stoppard, SHOWstudio editor.
    Dilara Findikoglu, designer. 
    Paris Fashion Week: 11 Oct at 17:30 GMT

    Lou Stoppard
    , SHOWstudio editor.
    Mimma Viglezio, creative consultant.
    Reba Maybury, editor.
    Gianluca Longo, stylist.
    Masha Mombelli, styilst. 
    While you wait, head to our Collections page to stay up to date with everything S/S 17.
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