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    Baptiste Debombourg ArtWorks / Glass Clothes
    French Artist I love / Clothes in Glass

    Baptiste Debombourg is an artist I love.

    He is preparing a new exhibition presented on flooring rendered entirely in broken black glass. 

    Debombourg has worked with a great number of artists and designers. A piece titled 'Stalker' in collaboration with Martin Margiela, an installation of clothing enveloped in glass pictured above is an example.

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    S/S 16 Live panels kick off with Givenchy

    As NYFW gets into full swing, we have invited a panel of experts to discuss the Givenchy S/S 16 show tomorrow, 12 September at 10:00 BST. 

    Lou Stoppard is joined by the writer and historian Lucy Norris, the fashion PR Mandi Lennard, fashion writer Hilary Alexander and the stylist Gianluca Longo as they discuss celeb mania within high fashion, Givenchy’s couture potential and the pros and cons of brands relocating their shows.

    Tune in to watch the live panel tomorrow morning. While you wait, take a look at what’s happening at NYFW with our show coverage on the Collections page.

    Thanks to Fritz Hansen and Skandium for the furniture. 




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    Our New York Fashion Week S/S 16 Live panel schedule

    New York Fashion Week has begun! 

    Get set for the first of our live panel discussions. A range of esteemed fashion commentators will be reporting on the key shows of the season, streamed online here on  

    Check out the opening panel discussions below and join us live as we welcome another Spring/Summer season.


    Givenchy: Saturday 12 September at 10:00 BST

    Panelists include:

    Lou Stoppard, SHOWstudio editor.

    Lucy Norris, writer and historian.

    Mandi Lennard, fashion PR.

    Hilary Alexander, fashion writer.

    Gianluca Longo, stylist.

    Topics include the benefits and hazards of brands moving shows to different cities, the relationship between celebrity and high fashion and how Givenchy should progress with their haute couture operation.


    DKNY: Wednesday 16 September 2015 at 20:00 BST

    Panelists include:

    Lou Stoppard, SHOWstudio editor. 

    John Michael O'Sullivan, architect and writer.

    Soki Mak, stylist. 

    Nathalie Khan, fashion historian.

    Cora Delaney, writer. 

    Topics include the shuttering of the Donna Karen label and the DK legacy, the successes, pitfalls and role of diffusion lines and the addition of Public School's Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne as creative directors.



    Marc Jacobs: Friday 18 September 2015 at 10:00 BST

    Lou Stoppard, SHOWstudio editor. 

    Charlotte Roberts, stylist and co-founder of The Mushpit.

    Hettie Judah, author, editor and writer.

    Harriet Verney, writer.

    Stavros Karelis, MACHINE-A buying director

    Topics include the use of cult figures within advertising shoots, what makes a great campaign, grunge and the continued relevance of that aesthetic and the balance between designers and social media. 

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    Nick Knight and Mastered want you!

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    Nick Knight and Mastered are looking for ambitious professional photographers who want to be at the forefront of image-making

    Mastered's four-month talent program, starting in September 2015, will give you access to videos, live Q&As and online discussions. With the aid of Nick Knight, the course will also give you the chance to get yourself and your work in front of a line-up of industry professionals. 

    Time is running out to apply for the talent program! Sign up for the chance to develop as an image-maker. 

    Apply now.  

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    Daniel Segrove is our NYFW illustrator

    As the S/S 16 fashion season kicks off with New York Fashion Week, we have invited the San Francisco based illustrator, Daniel Segrove, to depict the catwalk looks in his emotional and expressive style.

    His work focuses on his own perspective of life, empathy and identity. Considering himself a figurative artist, Segrove studies anatomy and form and relates mostly to art which has figures he can identify with, narrating their story through his work.

    Working in mixed media, such as oil paints, acrylic, ink and charcoal, his illustrations create interesting layers and emotional energy. Only then does he see his work as finished.

    Stay tuned to see Segrove’s first illustrations on the SHOWstudio Tumblr and make sure you check our Collections page for all the up-to-date coverage of the shows.


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    Transformative: Val Garland for Numéro by Sølve Sundsbø

    SHOWstudio's rolling Transformative series presents the history of contemporary fashion photography, as told from the perspectives of the the make-up artists and hairdressers.

    Val Garland sits down with Nick Knight to recall capturing Karen Elson with Sølve Sundsbø for Numéro #58, published in November 2004. The pair also discuss the physical intimacy of doing someone else's make-up, 'When you’re that close to somebody there is an intimacy between you and the girl and maybe her eyes are running or something, but you know, I’ve got to make her feel confident about her beauty before she goes in front of the camera - that is sort of our job,' explains Garland. 

    Watch the candid interview now and take a look at the rest of the Transformative series!

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    Amor: the final look

    SHOWstudio are excited to present the final imagery and shoot footage for Nick Knight and Amanda Harlech’s V Magazine shoot.

    Entitled Amor, the series of shots explore the parallels between creativity and love; two things that are all-encompassing yet momentary at the same time. German painter Anselm Kiefer’s blackened sunflower heads inspired the concept, which saw model-of-the-moment Molly Bair pose live in the studio back in June. Donning beautiful creations from some of fashion’s best design houses, the final images see Bair in Givenchy feathers, Fendi fur and an unmissable Junya Watanabe headpiece.

    Peruse the entire editorial and take a look at the shoot footage for a behind-the-scenes view. Stay tuned for the corresponding fashion film coming soon. 

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    Go 'Behind The Seams' with fashion and death

    A/W 15 is a season full of decay, mourning and ultimately, death. From Thom Browne's 'beautiful' grieving attire to Yohji Yamamoto's dark bridal parade, fashion appears to be creating its own memento mori. It's this morbid theme that is set to be explored in a continuation of SHOWstudio's Behind the Seams project.

    Today marks the beginning of our exploration into all things macabre, starting with an essay by V Magazine's Katharine K. Zarrella. In the piece, Giacomo Leopardi’s playful poem, Dialogue Between Fashion and Death, introduces us to the familial bond between the pair. 

    Realising that this link is no laughing matter, Zarrella goes on to examine the morbid undertones present in creative work, looking at Alexander McQueen, Guy Bourdin and Rei Kawakubo in particular. 'Who knew a fashion show could help facilitate the five stages of grief?' reflects Zarrella on Kawakubo's recent Ceremony of Separation for Commes des Garçons.

    Check out the entire essay and make sure to catch up on the rest of the project. Stay tuned for more sinister examinations in the coming weeks. 

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    adidas Originals x SPEZIAL A/W 15

    SHOWstudio is excited to present adidas Originals x SPEZIAL, a film created by Nick Griffiths and &SON Films, which centres around musician and soundtrack producer Bill Ryder Jones.

    Th Autumn/Winter 2015 adidas Originals x Spezial collection mixes inspiration from the company's European roots along with the curator/designer Gary Aspden’s own personal experiences of the brand. The film takes two very oppositional environments with the people who inhabit them and highlights their parallels. It follows Ryder Jones from the unique music culture of his Merseyside home on a journey that takes in the natural beauty and architecture of Innsbruck. Both are locations that have a strong connection with adidas’s sporting and cultural roots. 

    Watch the adidas Originals x SPEZIAL film exclusively on SHOWstudio now or take a look back at the S/S 15 film.

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    Calling all sneakerheads: Sportswear launches today!

    Calling all sneakerheads and hypebeasts. Sparked by the prevalence of sporty shapes on high fashion runways, SHOWstudio's new project Sportswear explores and investigates the history of key 'sportswear' garments. Working on the premise that a lack of both suitable terminology and awareness of the style's heritage has prevented proper, considered analysis, Lou Stoppard invited experts to reveal the story and subtleties behind select items, from the trainer to the hoodie.

    AdidasGary Aspden discusses the history and influence of the iconic Stan Smith in the first instalment of the series. Aspden comprehensively covers everything from collaborations to celebrities in the shoes' trajectory. 'It seems unimaginable now that a shoe like the adidas Stan Smith was at the forefront of sports technology when it was released,' adds Aspden. 'It was revolutionary at the time, when it came out like 45 years ago - but now those technological features are purely taken for their aesthetic qualities,' he explains.

    Shop the Addidas x Raf Simons Stan Smith on our SHOWstudio / MACHINE-A e-store, delve into the history of the Stan Smith and stay tuned for the next instalment of our Sportswear series.

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    Look back at Matthew Williams' tumblr curation

    Matthew Williams has recently launched the fashion brand Alyx. Wiliams created a new fashion film with Nick Knight to coincide with Alyx's A/W 15 collection launch. To celebrate, we handed over our Tumblr for the first week of September, giving him free reign to explore his interests, influences and inspirations. As his curation comes to an end today, look back at his imagery spanning skater boys, tattoos, porn, dance, youth, mosh pits, films and surfing. Don't miss Williams' exploration of sub-cultures.

    Head over to our tumblr now to check out the gallery. For more Tumblr take-overs, revisit the curations by Lucy Norris and Mary Katrantzou.

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    Transformative: Sam McKnight talks Christy Turlington and Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue

    Running in tandem with Subjective - a series uncovering the creation of iconic imagery with the models themselves - is Transformative. The project delves behind-the-scenes with the make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists responsible for the looks.

    Our latest interview features Sam McKnight discussing the look for British Vogue's April 1989 cover. McKnight chats to Nick Knight about working with supermodel, Christy Turlington, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. 'Christy sat down, put her arm around and Patrick snapped a few pictures and that was the cover. It was like that. It was really, really spontaneous and relaxed,' McKnight reminisces.

    Don’t miss the interview on SHOWstudio now and make sure you explore the rest of the series featuring Val Garland and Isamaya Ffrench.


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    Matthew Williams' Tumblr Take-over
    1-7 September 2015

    In keeping with our tradition of handing the reins of SHOWstudio's Tumblr over to a different contributor for the first week of every month, and to celebrate the launch of Matthew Williams’ womenswear brand Alyx, the designer will be curating our Tumblr for the next week.  

    Stay tuned to see inside Williams’ mind, his loves, passions, influences and desires. Willams will be consiering themes of subculture with a particular focus on Venice Beach boys and skaters.

    Head over to SHOWstudio's Tumblr to follow Matthew Williams’ takeover, watch Williams and Nick Knight's new fashion film Mother and explore the rest of the project.

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    Fashion Film: Alyx

    Watch Nick Knight and Alyx creator Matthew Williams’ fashion film Mother exclusively on SHOWstudio. 

    The foundation of the womenswear brand is built on the undercurrent, 'luxury is subverted and imbued with subculture, defying codes in a benchmark of illicit contrasts, radical and refined.' The ready-to-wear and accessories harness inspirations from Williams' California youth and global urban subcultures, drawing on aesthetics from Paris and Pismo Beach.

    Edited by Dustin Robertson and styled by Tom Guinness, the film celebrates the launch of Alyx and the Autumn/Winter 2015 debut collection entitled My First Time. Shot both on location in Brighton and in SHOWstudio’s London space, the film features Tallulah and Scout Willis and a custom soundtrack with lyrics from Danzig’s Mother. The film is released alongside a printed catalogue showing off the range in full.

    Watch Mother, explore the catalogue images and read Jo-Ann Furniss' interview with the Willis Sisters! Check out the catalogue on SHOWstudio / MACHINE-A and stay tuned for William's Tumblr curation.


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