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    Enter our Marques'Almeida campaign competition

    Create your own Marques'Almeida campaign for the chance to win a piece from the label, fresh from the runway!

    Encapsulating the undone aesthetic that underpins their collections, the Marques'Almeida S/S 15 campaign is the antidote to the photoshopped advertising imagery that dominates fashion. The M'A duo handed creative responsibility to their young studio team, the same crew that made the collection, and asked them to follow their intuition and dream freely.

    In keeping with Marques'Almeida's passion for street-inspired fashion and their love for the raw, honest imagery of style titles such as The Face and early Dazed & Confused, SHOWstudio, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida invite you to eschew Photoshop and the expensive production that goes behind polished high fashion campaigns and offer up your own home-crafted Marques'Almeida S/S 15 campaign.

    Either style yourself in some new season Marques'Almeida, or choose something in homage to the brand - a vintage piece, some frayed denim to channel the M'A signature, an item borrowed from a friend or even nothing at all! The 'campaigns' can be as literal or as conceptual as you like. Use the images shot by M'A's brilliant studio team as your inspiration and get submitting via Twitter or Instagram using #MarquesAlmeidaxSHOWstudio or email

    The shots will be judged by Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida. They'll be looking for the most creative, inspiring entries - ones that capture and celebrate the M'A ethos the best. The winner will receive their very own piece of M'A clothing - an effortless, wear-with-anything, unisex baby blue denim tunic. The competition closes Monday, 13 April 2015. Get creative - all you need is an iPhone camera.

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    In Conversation: Gareth Pugh and Lou Stoppard

    In a new addition to our In Conversation interview project, Lou Stoppard and Gareth Pugh took part in a talk as part of the V&A’s Talking Fashion series.

    ‘London’s a big part of me, who I am and what the work’s about,’ explained the designer on the subject of his decision to return to London Fashion Week. Pugh revealed that the themes of Englishness within his immersive Autumn/Winter 2015 show centred around the creative potential of the make-do-and-mend aesthetic, something he perceives as a particularly English style of beauty; ‘If you have all the money in the world and all the options available to you, you can get a little blind-sided with what you actually want to do,’ he reasoned. The conversation also covered Pugh’s path into fashion and his resistance to the commercial demands of the fashion industry.  

    Watch the conversation now, and be sure to take a look at footage from the Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 2015 show exclusively on SHOWstudio. 

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    Gareth Pugh A/W 15

    For Autumn/Winter 2015, Gareth Pugh celebrated the ten year anniversary of his eponymous label by returning to London Fashion Week and staging an immmersive show at the V&A styled by Katie Shillingford. The spectacle opened with a fashion film by Pugh's long-term collaborator Ruth Hogben, presenting a character engaged in a ritual act of liberation, cutting her hair and annointing herself with the Saint George's Cross. Hogben also filmed the runway show, complete with its soundtrack by Matthew Stone, featuring the chants of Sunderland Football Club. 

    Watch the fashion film alongside the show footage now, and explore our coverage of the show for runway images, social media feed and interviews with Hogben and nail technician Marian Newman

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    Watch the Savage Beauty exhibition trailer

    The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A is fast approaching. To build excitement for the opening of the record-breaking retrospective on 14 March 2015, SHOWstudio was invited by the V&A museum to draw on the wealth of footage from our years of working with the late designer, to produce a trailer. 

    Edited under the direction of McQueen's friend and collaborator Nick Knight, the film shows some of his most famous work in movement and captures the breadth of his talent and the precision of his vision.

    Watch the trailer now and get ready for our week-long Unseen McQueen project, launching 13 March! 

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    Coming up: Interviews with McQueen's closest collaborators

    Lou Stoppard has been interviewing some of Alexander McQueen's closest collaborators as part of our upcoming Unseen McQueen series. Beginning 13 March 2015, Unseen McQueen will be a week-long celebration of Nick Knight's visionary work with the late designer. The interviews with stylist Katy England, nail artist Marian Newman, set designers Simon Costin and Joseph Bennett, Savage Beauty curator Claire Wilcox, writer Judith Watt, casting director Jess Hallett, Nadja Swarovski and Knight himself will sit alongside never-before-seen gems from Knight’s archive, from shoot footage to filmed interviews. 

    There's just 9 days to go until Unseen McQueen begins in conjunction with the opening of the V&A's Savage Beauty exhibition. Stay tuned!

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    Lily Cole on working with Nick Knight and SHOWstudio

    The latest interview in our ongoing Subjective series is here. Nick Knight continues to explore the story of contemporary fashion photography from the model’s perspective, this week's instalment sees him sit down with Lily Cole.

    Cole discusses working on Knight and John Galliano’s Editing Fashion project for SHOWstudio (her first foray into film), and her love of acting over modelling. ‘I quite quickly felt frustrated with modelling that I couldn’t be more involved creatively. If you’re a creative person it’s quite a restrictive feeling if you’re not able to exercise that in some way’ she explains.  

    Nick also asks Cole how she feels about the continuing scrutinisation of models’ bodies by the media. ‘I just kind of ignore it as a debate,’ she respond, ‘there are problems in the representation of ideal beauty… but I don’t think that’s unique to fashion.’

    Watch the interview now and stay tuned for the next episode of Subjective.

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    In Fashion - Up next Venetia Scott

    Our next In Fashion interview approaches! For the next instalment of the in-depth video interview series, our editor Lou Stoppard will be in conversation with esteemed image-maker Venetia Scott about her career.

    Working as both a stylist and photographer, Scott has created iconic imagery and is well known for her distinctive style and original casting choices. The interview will stream live on Tuesday 10 March 2015 at 15:30 GMT - tune in to find out more about Scott’s life in the fashion industry.

    In anticipation, look back through our In Fashion interviews and watch industry greats including the likes of David Downton, Sarah Doukas, Craig Green and many more candidly discussing their illustrious careers.

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    Admire Gordon Flores' Milan illustrations

    Have you been following Gordon Flores' progress as he illustrates the Milan womenswear collections? The Paris-based artist and illustrator has been busy interpreting his favoruite looks from the runways in a variety of ink drawings and collages. 

    Take a look at his mixed media renderings of the shoes at Gucci and the woodland set at Alberta Ferretti, along with his stylised drawings of A/W 15 looks from the Fendi, Prada, Moschino and Emporio Armani catwalk shows. 

    Keep checking Tumblr for more of his work as Milan Fashion Week continues.

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    Subjective: Kate Moss on Nick Knight

    In the latest instalment of our running model interview series, Kate Moss and Nick Knight discuss shooting an iconic Vogue cover together.

    This weeks Subjective interview sees the supermodel and SHOWstudio founder discuss the ways fashion photographers react under pressure and reminisce about shooting the cover of the December 2000 Vogue 'Gold Issue' that Moss also guest edited. Knight also wonders how the model reacted to turning 40. 'I photographed you yesterday and you were a little bit different,' he comments ‘there seemed to be more of a confidence in you.’ 'I definitely feel more in my own skin than ever.' Moss replies, 'Just having ideas… and not having to be the one that goes along with everybody else’s idea. I think it’s just another stage.'

    Watch Knight and Moss converse, and stay tuned for the next in the series.  

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    Introducing our Milan Fashion Week artist - Gordon Flores

    We’ve invited Paris-based artist and illustrator Gordon Flores to illustrate the Milan Autumn/Winter 2015 womenswear collections as part of our extensive fashion week coverage. Originally from Venice Beach, California, Flores works in both fashion and book illustration. His style and techniques range from simple ink drawings to collage and multimedia, including film and sculpture.

    Flores has already executed mixed media artworks inspired by Gucci, Fendi and Alberta Ferretti. Take a look, and keep following his progress on the SHOWstudio Tumblr.

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    Exclusive Jean-Paul Goude interview

    SHOWstudio is pleased to release an interview with legendary photographer Jean-Paul Goude, the first video in a new series of interviews by Sofia Tchkonia.

    In a project spanning several years, journalist Tchkonia interviewed inluential figures in 20th and 21st century art and culture. The intimate conversations with Pierre Bergé, Rick Owens, Serge Lutens and Michelle Lamy, to name a few, cover their eventful lives and careers as well as their thoughts about three big subjects - love, money and God. She invited SHOWstudio to edit and release these unmissable videos. 

    In the first installment of the Love, Money, God series, photographer Jean-Paul Goude talks about his early artistic influences, including his ballet teacher mother and the Museum of French Colonies, as well as his collaborative and romantic relationship with musician Grace Jones. He also adresses Tchkonia's more philosophical questions; on the subject of what happiness is to him, the image-maker answers 'having an idea.'

    Watch the interview now and stay tuned for the next in our series with Yves Saint Laurent's model and muse Betty Catroux.

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    Edward Enninful talks Marc Jacobs

    We're introducing a new format in our expanding coverage of the womenswear collections. Stylists, designers, make-up artists, set designers and other industry creatives take on the role of roving reporters, chatting about the shows they've seen and worked on in phone calls with SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard

    W magazine fashion director Edward Enninful popped into the studio yesterday, so we asked him to discuss his favourite Autumn/Winter 2015 show - Marc Jacobs - to kick off our newest fashion reporting format. 

    Listen to Enninful's take on the show as he discusses his love for stories and the recent absence of fantasy in fashion. Be sure to stay tuned for our next fashion phone calls, we'll be talking to Stephen Jones about his hats at Thom Browne, and Gary Card about his superb Roksanda Illincic set. 

  13. by Iain R. Webb .

    Fashion on tour

    NEW YORK, LONDON, MILAN, PARIS badges I have designed as part of a new FASHION ON TOUR collaboration with Jigsaw. Available at Duke Street Emporium.

    Photo: Liz Eggleston

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    Introducing our LFW A/W 15 Illustrator: Neza Agnes Momirski

    Taking over from our New York collections artist, One Eye GirlNeza Agnes Momirski will be illustrating the key London Fashion Week A/W 15 womenswear shows and moments in her unique style!

    In 2012 Momirski graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and subsequently from MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in 2014. She has exhibited internationally at institutions such as Museum De Pont, Kunstpodium T Gallery, Picture-This Bristol and Tent Rotterdam. Her work was chosen as a part of the Saatchi Online collection curated by Leslie Jones (100 days 100 curators). Momirski has also exhibited at SHOWstudio as part of the Maison Martin Margiela: SHOWcabinet.

    Living and working between London and Rotterdam, Momirski explores the influence of language, visual aesthetics, and cinematic narrative structures on perception of reality and self-identity. Her work takes the form of film narratives, installations, drawings and sculptures.

    Momirski has already captured the J. JS. Lee show, keep an eye out for more of her works popping up on our Tumblr and Collections pages as London Fashion Week proceeds.

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    Miu Miu's De Djess

    There is a scene right at the end of Alice Rohrwacher’s sweet and funny film for Miu Miu’s ninth instalment of their Women’s Tales project that will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever, half-heartedly, faced a wall of cameras or even a single culprit. I won’t give it away but, “it’s the dream!” according to Rohrwacher. The power of a good dress!

    The Italian director and writer, whose second feature film, The Wonders, was awarded the Grand Prix at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, told me over cappuccinos in New York how the collaboration with the brand came to be. She asked Miu Miu – 'the right choice because of the irony, this offbeat elegance they have' - to dress her for Cannes, 'I knew I wanted to go to like a circus ringmaster or the person that trains lions! It’s a very fragile moment, no? And they imagined something for me that made me feel strong in that moment. That was the beginning.' In Venice, they asked her to make this film and while already in the Excelsior hotel that’s almost a supporting character in De Djess, she looked around and decided to make a fairy tale using what was in front of her; the paparazzi, the army of housekeepers, the dress. 'It’s completely autobiographical - I’m the dress!' she says and laughs. 'I didn’t want to tell a story and then hide the dresses inside it. I wanted to do a story with the dress and about the dress. Nothing too intellectual - we sometimes need a fairy tale in our lives.' And so the dress comes to life, like a newborn baby, and we see and, most importantly, hear everything from its perspective. 'When you’re born you don’t understand language, everything is just sound so we made up a language that’s all about sound, but it’s familiar enough like English.'

    So, what does one of the most exciting filmmakers in European cinema at the moment, make of the scarce attention being given to female directors and writers? This is Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales, after all. She is as direct and unswerving as you would hope. 'I would like it if somebody would do a series of films about male directors. People should start saying 'male' director: 'Let’s go see the last movie from this male director.' 'What do you think of this movie from this male director?' 'Do you know there is a new male director?' Words and names are important. We need to start concentrating on what’s being done instead of who’s doing it.' Well, this director, busy writing her next feature – 'ideas are like plants, you can’t completely abandon them but you can’t overwater them because they won’t grow either.' – has decided that for the screening party later that day she might just leave the circus whips behind, the lion having been tamed after all. 'Tonight', she says rather excitedly, 'I think I’ll wear a skirt!'

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    "Billie": A fashion film by Rei Nadal

    Alongside Marta Jakubowski's Autumn/Winter 2015 presentation at London Fashion Week, we're delighted to launch a fashion film featuring the collection, by rising director Rei Nadal.

    A proud recipient of the NEWGEN exhibition sponsorship, Polish-born fashion designer Marta Jakubowski is showcasing her Autumn/Winter 2015 collection at London Fashion Week today, 20 February. Entitled Cracks, and inspired by broken connections and emotional loss, the collection is presented in a fashion film, “Bille”, directed by artist Rei Nadal and produced by PRETTYBIRD. 

    Watch "Billie" now and revisit other films by Nadal, including the BFC sponsored collaboration with Nick Knight, Girl.

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