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    Watch the couture S/S 14 round-up panel on demand

    If you missed yesterday's brilliant round-up panel, shame on you, BUT you can now watch it on-demand. Lou Stoppard sat down with an illustrious panel including Alex Fury, Tim Blanks and Lady Amanda Harlech to dissect the haute couture S/S 14 collections. An extra special element was added in the form of couture creations straight from the runway, modelled by the lovely Nicole Gregorczuk and styled to perfection by Gerry O'Kane. Delve into the in-depth discussion, which covers topics as far-reaching as the future of couture and the innate eroticism of fashion. 

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    Eckhaus Latta x SHOWstudio fleece for sale now!

    We're thrilled to launch our awaited collaboration with Eckhaus Latta: a multi-directional unisex cardigan designed exclusively for SHOWstudio and featuring our logo! Launching in tandem is Friend, a new fashion film featuring the label's S/S 14 collection, which was directed by Alexa Karolinski. The intimate film pays homage to the idea of their garments as a central character in the lives of their friendship group. 

    Eckhaus Latta and Karolinski’s prior collaborations have included a series of videos installed in Opening Ceremony NY, a live broadcast of the S/S 14 collection at Anthology Film Archive during NYFW, the video Family which premiered on Purple Magazine, the video Dinner which premiered on V Magazine and the video Uniform which premiered on 

    In addition, SHOWstudo Shop's Tor Hopkins has chatted to Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta - the designers behind the brand - for a Q&A that details their thoughts on their working relationship, their diverse customer base and the design process for our exclusive cardigan.

    'We knew we wanted to use something warm because we were just in London and we were so cold! Because this is our first collaboration across the pond, we thought it would be particularly important to make an ode to our founding fathers,' they explain.

    Read the full interview, watch the fashion film and shop the garment while stock lasts!

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    Watch C.E's S/S 14 film!

    SHOWstudio is proud to exclusively present a new fashion film by Cav Empt (C.E), which showcases their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Launched in 2012 by Sk8thing and Toby Feltwell, C.E is a graphic-led clothing brand. Look out for more sightings of them on SHOWstudio, as later in the year we'll be collaborating on some clothing! Today's film was produced by Ben Drury and Rollo Jackson and features a soundtrack by acclaimed British techno artist Actress. Check it out now!

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    Mary Katrantzou's Tumblr takeover: Day 3!

    It's day three of Mary Katrantzou's Tumblr takeover! Her guest curation offers a unique view of her process, from reference to realisation. Over the weekend the designer unveiled the inspiration behind famous looks from S/S and A/W 2011, including embroidered lampshades, decadent swimming pools and shapely Shalimar bottles. Today's archive piece is in the process of being revealed, our only clue so far are photographs of intricately painted vases.

    Stay glued to our Tumblr to see the rest of the brightly hued curation as it unfolds...

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    Matt Williams In Fashion interview is available on-demand!

    Last week, on 31 January 2014, art director and all around visionary Matthew Williams payed a visit to SHOWstudio to be interviewed by our editor Lou Stoppard for our In Fashion series. 

    Over the live broadcast, Williams opened up about his impossibly exciting career, from growing up in central California and the great impact that had on his cultural understandings and interests, to his relationships, both working and personal, with fellow creatives such as Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Nick Knight. And, of course, Williams gave us the insider insight on his most recent venture #BEENTRILL#

    'For real change to happen it takes radical ideas. And that scares people,' he argued.

    Williams offers an extremely rare, candid and refreshingly authentic perspective on the increasingly entwined path of the music and fashion industries. We are pleased to present full footage from the interview for you to watch on-demand!

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    Our The Elegant Universe stream is over!

    This weekend, 1 and 2 February 2014, Nick Knight teamed up with couture doyenne Lady Amanda Harlech, model and physics scholar Alexia Wight, make-up artist Peter Philips, nail guru Marian Newman and haute coiffeur Sam McKnight for a live couture shoot that explored the mathematics of beauty. Knight shot haute couture from house's such as Chanel, Dior, Margiela and Valentino, as well as accesories by the likes of Noel Stewart and Stephen Jones. The livestream is now over, but stay tuned for more couture magic as the shoot develops in post production. Thanks for watching!

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    Day two of The Elegant Universe is live!

    After a jam-packed day yesterday, during which Nick Knight shot Alexia Wight in couture looks from houses like Chanel, Dior and Viktor & Rolf, our The Elegant Universe stream returns for a second day! Amanda Harlech will be styling Wight in pieces by the likes of Hussein Chalayan for Vionnet, Iris Van Herpen and Margiela, while Sam McKnight and Peter Philips are back on hair and make-up. Watch now!

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    The Elegant Universe is live!

    Nick Knight and couture doyenne Lady Amanda Harlech unite with model and physics scholar Alexia Wight, make-up artist Peter Philips, nail guru Marian Newman and haute coiffeur Sam McKnight for a live shoot that explores the mathematics of beauty. With Knight on camera and Harlech on styling, the editorial - which will appear in V magazine - celebrates the science and mathematics behind S/S 14's greatest haute couture and draws on Wight's interest in Calabi–Yau manifold. Watch now!

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    Mary Katrantzou is taking over our Tumblr!
    1- 7 February 2014

    We're excited to announce February's guest Tumblr curator; previous SHOWstudio collaborator and womenswear designer Mary Katrantzou! The week-long curation will provide an in-depth view of Katrantzou's creative practice, as she will be posting a daily favourite look from her archive, along with a collection of reference images that inspired each piece. Katrantzou has just celebrated five years in business, so this is the perfect chance to revisit some of her greatest hits!

    Take a look at our Tumblr tomorrow, 1 February, for the beginning of what promises to be a stunning week of imagery!

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    Nick Knight and Amanda Harlech live shoot!
    S/S 14 haute couture

    Nick Knight and couture doyenne Lady Amanda Harlech unite with model and physics scholar Alexia Wight, make-up artist Peter Philips, nail guru Marian Newman and haute coiffeur Sam McKnight for a live shoot that explores the mathematics of beauty. With Knight on camera and Harlech on styling, the editorial - which will appear in V magazine - celebrates the science and skill behind S/S 14's greatest haute couture and draws on Wight's interest in Calabi–Yau manifold. Kev Stenning will add to the scientific tone of the shoot by 3D scanning the fashionable works of art.

    Tune in on Saturday 1 February and Sunday 2 February 2014 to watch Knight and Harlech create a stunning, mathematical universe out of each individual piece of couture.

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    On-demand footage from our The Deep Web live shoot is now available!

    Earlier this week, 27 January, we live streamed Nick Knight's The Deep Web shoot. Showcasing the fresh new collaboration between streetwear rulers KTZ and #BEENTRILL#, Knight shot the whole film on his iPhone and brought the garments to life with the likes of UV lights and green screens, thoroughly elevating the notion of 'Anything is possible online and anything's possible in the fantasies of your mind!'  

    You can now delve into The Deep Web again and again with on-demand footage from the shoot now available! Stay tuned for the final images and fashion film! 

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    William S. Burroughs Portraits by Kate Simon at SHOWstudio Shop

    SHOWstudio Shop will host a solo exhibition of portraits of William S. Burroughs by Kate Simon to celebrate the occasion of his centenary. The exhibition will mark the debut release of Simon’s Cibachrome Edition portfolio, which is comprised of 11 iconic shots of the literary master printed in the now extinct cibachrome medium. These rare photographs will be displayed alongside a selection of black and white limited edition prints. Taken over a 20 year period, Simon has amassed a critical body of work that is widely unseen and captures the many faces of one of the most important American writers of the twentieth century.

    Merging the formality of high literature with the allure of the low brow detective novel, Burroughs unapologetically addressed controversial subjects of narcotic abuse, erotic sexuality, criminality and excess in his work. The legendary persona of the author has also garnered unbridled fascination. Purposefully weaving elements of his autobiography into his fiction, Burroughs obscured readings of his own character and rendered himself inextricable from his writing. He also appears in the literature of his contemporaries in a number of contradictory guises, most notably as Jack Kerouac’s Will Dennison and Old Bull Lee. At one moment, he is a grey, anonymous spook with the capability to cast a manipulative spell over his peers, and the next he is warm, mannerly, adored, even kind.

    While Simon’s portraits capture the familiar image of Burroughs with his glasses perched on his hollow cheeks, his suit, his trilby hat and often a gun in tow, they also reveal the many facets of the man. But to try and identify the secret of Burroughs’ persona would be as futile as seeking out a fixed narrative within his literature. Here, Simon’s candid portraiture embraces these various copies, simulations and projections of the writer in a show that reflects Burroughs’ own presentation of himself.

    The exhibition opens on 14 March and will run through until 9 May at our Motcomb Street gallery in London. Don't miss it!


    Image copyright Kate Simon

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    Matthew Williams live In Fashion interview, Friday 31 January

    Earlier this week Matthew Williams was in the studio, working on an exciting up-coming fashion film with Nick Knight featuring the new #BEENTRILL# X KTZ collaboration. Williams is a member of the cult collective #BEENTRILL# and also no stranger to SHOWstudio, having worked on projects such as #ScreenTests - a short film with A$AP Rocky who is a regualr collaborator and friend of Williams - and a powerful film for Hood By Air's S/S 13 collection

    We are extrememly pleased to announce Williams' next venture with SHOWstudio will be a live streamed, in-depth interview with our editor Lou Stoppard, in contribution to our rolling In Fashion series. 

    The interview will take place this Friday, 31 January at 13:30 GMT. Don't miss it! 

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    Round-up panels available on demand!

    Yesterday we said goodbye to the menswear A/W 14 season in signature SHOWstudio style with three live panel discussions rounding up the collections from London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. The round-up panels saw industry experts such as GQ's Nick Carvell, The Independent's Alex Fury and Dazed and Confused's Elizabeth Fraser-Bell dissecting the key shows and veering off onto the topics of racial diversity on the runway, definitions of opulence, the particular point of view of women designing for men and so much more! 

    If you missed the live broadcast, catch up now, and stay tuned for the Couture round-up panels on Monday 3 February 2014!

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