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    A Man Called Bones

    The latest film from director Nathaniel Brown pays homage to the jaw dropping abilities of flex dancer Bones The Machine. Taking Old West Americana films as a visual reference point, A Man Called Bones is a fusion of fashion, music and dance. As Brown explains; ‘ to tell the story of Bones, I wanted to do something about being a rebel, a cowboy and going against the grain. To carve your own path regardless of how or what or why, and to make weird waves! I think it's about a fusion - a musical fashion piece.’ 

    Taking inspiration from the Western influence of the film, stylist Prince Franco created a jacket in collaboration with Bones and Brown especially for the film. The one-off jacket is available for purchase only at SHOWstudio Shop. Watch the film and browse the jacket now.

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    Films from 2000 and 2001 now available on YouTube
    Explore our archive of earliest Fashion Film

    We're setting out to make all archive content created during the first ten years of SHOWstudio available on our YouTube channel over the course of the next year. So far we've uploaded our complete In Fashion interview series and as of today, all of our films from 2000 and 2001 will be available to browse at your leisure.

    Revisit our very first projects including Nick Knight's first foray into 3D scanning technology Sweet (2000) and the first ever global, live fashion shoot Sleep (2001) and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates as we make a whole load more fashion films and collaborations available to view. Next up: 2002!

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    Upcoming In Fashion interview with illustrator David Downton

    We’re very excited to announce that acclaimed fashion illustrator David Downton will be joining our editor Lou Stoppard for a live-streamed In Fashion interview on 6 January 2015 at 14.30 GMT. 

    A key figure in the revival of fashion illustration, Downton was first commissioned to draw the Paris haute couture shows in 1996 by a Sunday newspaper supplement. Capturing some of the world’s most beautiful women - including Cate Blanchett, Dita Von Teese, Catherine Deneuve and Paloma Picasso - in the most striking fashion, his work has been featured in highly revered publications from V to Vogue and Vanity Fair, and in projects for the V&A, Chanel and Tiffanys. Downton is also Claridge’s fashion artist in residence, a position which has seen him commissioned to draw the hotel’s most illustrious guests, always with spectacular results. Downton's acclaimed publication Masters of Fashion Illustration will be followed by his long-awaited monograph in 2015.

    Tune in on 6 January 2015 to watch Downton talk about his career and tell tales of his work in the world of couture. While you wait, revisit the rest of the In Fashion series and Nick Knight’s Subjective interview with Downton’s muse, British supermodel Erin O’Connor to hear her talk about their long-time collaboration.

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    Subjective: Erin O'Connor on Steven Meisel

    Erin O’Connor continues our rolling model interview series, Subjective. She opens up about the experience of creating some of fashion’s most famous imagery, in this case, with photographer Steven Meisel. 

    Setting the scene for Theatre of Fashion, one of Meisel’s many editorials for Vogue Italia, O’Connor recalls that, ‘there were no words, there was no guidance, there was no script. We were just given very very evocative music and it became so hypnotic over a 3-day period that we never stopped moving. It was incredibly emotional.’ Talking to Nick Knight about modelling as a performance - ‘I come alive as a model when I am able to take on some responsibility’ - the supermodel describes the process of metamorphosing into that day’s character. In this case she was helped by famed make-up artist Pat McGrath: ‘You never really know who you’re going to be on the day. And I respond well to that. … I’ve been a man. I’ve been a woman. I’ve been a creature. I’ve been living. I’ve sort of been reincarnated.’ O’Connor emphasises how privileged she felt to be a part of such a shoot, declaring, 'those days are so important just for self development and confidence and liberation and [Meisel] gave me that.’

    Watch the impassioned interview now and review the whole series to hear more about the conversations between photographers and their subjects and the making of a truly great image. In Erin O’Connor’s words: ‘there’s no greater feeling.’

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    Menswear Illustration by Richard Kilroy

    We were thrilled to find so many of SHOWstudio’s resident artists in the pages of Richard Kilroy’s new book, a survey of contemporary menswear illustration to be published by Thames & Hudson on 23 February 2015.

    Celebrating the rise of men’s fashion and the increased visual attention it has been afforded of late, Kilroy champions the new wave of contemporary designers and illustrators reassessing the hitherto pretty traditional rules of men’s dress. Bringing together forty of the industry’s talents, the book showcases private sketches by designers, delicate pencil renderings, sketchbook tears and digitally manipulated images by illustrators including SHOWstudio contributor and Central Saint Martins lecturer Helen Bullock.

    Pop along to the preview exhibition, running from 9-12 January 2015 at The Hospital Club during London Collections: Men, and while you wait peruse original artworks by Helen Bullock amongst others over at the SHOWstudio Shop.

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    Folktron - a new fashion film

    SHOWstudio is proud to launch Folktron, a new fashion film showcasing the debut collection from emerging menswear label Wan Hung Cheung. Directed by Au Matt and shot on location in Poland, FOLKTRON presents Wan Hung Cheung's S/S 15 collection in a unique juxtaposition of Chinese design sensibility, traditional Eastern European folk imagery and futuristic lasers.

    Combing the pastoral with the digital and the old with the new, Matt set out to create 'a soft collision of seemingly opposite worlds' to complement Cheung's mesmirising menswear. The first part of the film (currently showing in various locations around the world as part of an interactive installation), features a traditional Polish church choir, while the second part is given a new soundtrack by a local artist in each city the video is screened at.

    Watch the fashion film now!

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    Gallerist Bill Powers speaks to us for In Your Face at EDITION Hotel

    In our latest In Your Face interview, gallerist Bill Powers speaks frankly about trying to disrupt what he feels is a general dumbing down of culture: 'Everything produced now is aimed towards the mentality of a 15 year old boy... There is a widespread lack of the patience that you need to develop appreciation for things that might be an acquired taste. There's a mentality that if you don't have an immediate number one hit, that you're washed up. And that bleeds over into all arenas of culture.' Which seems odd, when you consider the same man was on the bill of judges in Bravo's recent show Work of Art - a two season series that could be described as the art world's answer to the X Factor. It would be very easy to condemn him at this point. If he's searching for a means to encourage meaningful thought on a large scale, then why engage with a television programme that reduces artistic practice to a series of challenges, rejections and finally a grand prize short cut to celebrity. Yet, I wonder if his effort to 'make everything elitist' is tied up with more of a general respect for the masses and an effort to elevate the language of mainstream culture. 'The winner's work was inspired by Ai Wei Wei's imprisonment, that fact that you see a political dissident in China on a channel that also shows the New House Wives of New Jersey felt fun, like you were sneaking something past the network.'

    He's aggressive in his opinion that the art world is not inherently intimidating and steadfast in putting the onus of the individual to engage with it, 'it's more that people lack the drive, curiosity or proactive spirit to engage. It is a false narrative to say that the art world is impenetrable.'

    You can watch the interview now on SHOWstudio alongside conversations with Hans Ulrich Obrist, John Pawson, Marc Quinn and Aaron Young all recorded at EDITION Hotel at Miami Beach.

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    Subscribe to our YouTube!

    Over the course of 2015, we'll make all archive content created between 2000 and 2010 available to view on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for fashion films, exclusive interviews, music videos and panel discussions from the first ten years of SHOWstudio.

    Subscribe now and get in the mood with this handy playlist of every In Fashion interview featuring chats with luminaries such as photographer Tim Walker, British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman and the late Louise Wilson!


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      06:10 13 Dec 2014
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    Charles Jeffrey's LOVERBOY

    Charles Jeffrey’s LOVERBOY has become the new favourite soirée for all the cool fashion kids in London. For the last party of 2014, LOVERBOY is hosting a night with HUN at the Arcola Theatre Bar. Only £5 to enter the gates of a firing atmosphere with a Studio 54 flair. This night signs the apotheosis of Charles Jeffrey’s LOVERBOY and his Angels.

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    Take 15 minutes with Craig Green

    The final edit of Lou Stoppard’s In Fashion interview with menswear designer Craig Green is now available to watch! 

    The pair sat down to discuss Green’s growing label, his decision to pursue fashion design at Central Saint Martins and the pace of the industry today. Musing on his craft filled upbringing - ‘I’ve always just wanted to make things’ - and attention heaped on individual, ‘star’ designers by the industry - ‘I don’t wanna be famous for being me, I just want to do stuff that kind of exists and people look at and appreciate’ - Green opens up about his life in fashion. He concludes that ‘everything can crumble and anything can happen; it’s a dangerous, exciting route I think.’ 

    Watch the final cut now, and don’t forget to explore the rest of the In Fashion interview series featuring Green’s fellow menswear designers Carlo Brandelli and J.W. Anderson amongst others.

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    Ryan Gander's In Your Face interview is up!

    Ryan Gander is the latest artist to join our series of In Your Face interviews. He speaks openly to Carrie Scott about the commercial aspects of Art Basel from EDITION Hotel Miami Beach, comparing its buying attendees to 'a feeding frenzy of vampires.' Gander is already on record  critiquing the work of many of his contemporaries, 'art with stars, diamonds, palm trees, skulls, smileys, any emoticon. That’s what everyone seems to be interested in, daft cliches with no real meaning, depth, integrity or conceptual rigour.' In our interview he goes further, 'Half of the art world use basic signifiers and lack basic literacy.'

    In contrast to the individuals he's referring to, Gander purposefully evades any kind of stylistic signature. It is very difficult to say 'that is a Gander' and often the work defies commodification altogether. Instead, he operates within a dialectic of story telling or folkloric traditions. Archaically, oral communication served as a means to make sense of the seemingly inexplicable forces of nature and offered a method of both counsel and remembrance. They gave communities a tool to help retain myths and legends, educate their members in certain skills and trades, and offer moral guidance. In contrast to a printed book, the spoken story has the capacity to be moulded around the concerns and interests of its audience. While fixed narratives were often maintained, storytellers might adopt a regional dialect, address a particular local issue or simply apply a new perspective to each tale according to the concerns of his or her listeners. The tools that are fundamental to oral recitation, such as gesture, speed, intonation, accent, and dramatisation, lend the tales that are told a malleable quality. Through accent inflection, break and breath, each story readily embraces and nurtures the mystical, the impossible and the anarchic, and presents a living and vibrant continuum for the passing along of knowledge. Integrating the attributes of oral traditions and spoken word into artistic practice is a means by which to push back against the frequently sterilising nature of the white cube and it seems that this is the realm in which Gander operates.

    Watch his fascinating interview now, only on SHOWstudio.

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    Introducing C.E A/W 14 to the SHOWstudio Shop!

    We've just had a delivery of brand new A/W 14 pieces by Japanese label C.E (Cav Empt) to the SHOWstudio Shop!

    A leading Japanese street wear brand founded by Toby Feltwell and graphic artist Sk8thing, C.E's apparel is recognisable for its bold, printed menswear. From sweatshirts to caps and T-shirts, now is your chance to snap up pieces by the designers behind a host of other legendary Japanese brands including BAPE, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream.

    Explore the collection now and check out the rest of the SHOWstudio Shop's wares, including apparel by Nasir Mazhar, illustrations and signed books.

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    Lily Cole on Tim Walker

    This week's Subjective interview is with British supermodel Lily Cole, who speaks to Nick Knight about her various collaborations with Tim Walker.

    'Tim directs, but not a lot. He's quite gentle,' says Cole of the photographer. 'There's a feeling of teamwork.' Explaining her involvement in some of Walker's most whimsical works (many involving exotic locations, oversized props and fantastical fashions), she recalls, 'I'd often wear these crazy outfits that were quite uncomfortable... I remember certain moments of appreciating how surreal my life was.'

    Cole also discusses body language, travelling and how she feels about being part part of iconic imagery: 'I never thought of it in those terms. I just kind of did it as a job!'

    Watch the exclusive interview now and don't forget to explore the rest of the Subjective series, including Kristen McMenamy's stories of working with Walker.



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    The New British: Legacy

    We headed down to the launch of the new issue of The New British, LEGACY, at the Apple Store on 4 December to find out what they'd been up to since Nick Knight shot the cover of their debut issue back in 2012.

    Founded by Kez Glozier and Neville Brody, The New British is a multi-platform documentary magazine celebrating modern British culture. Their latest issue LEGACY will be available to download as an app and presents 12 exclusive short films, with a motion-cover created by SHOWstudio favourite filmmaker Ruth Hogben showcasing the all-girl political punk band Skinny Girl Diet. The New British aims to appeal ‘to curious minds’, and features content from Kevin CumminsMark Lebon and Don Letts amongst others. 

    Find out more about The New British and while you wait for it to hit the App Store explore SHOWstudio’s projects with its contributors, such as Talking Punk - an interview with Don Letts and Jonh Ingham - and Picture/message: Mark Lebon, the photographer’s personal portraiture project. Don't forget to revisit Nick Knight's shoot for the debut issue too. 

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