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A new film by Marie Schuller and Una Burke

To coincide with the launch of our latest exhibition, SHOWcabinet: Prosthetics, filmmaker Marie Schuller collaborated with designer Una Burke to create a mesmerising fashion film. Inspired by Burke's interest in movement and restriction, the short films sees her intricate armour-like leather creations transformed into human-size puppets that dance and writhe eerily before the camera. Speaking on the film Burke commented, 'I have thoroughly enjoyed the breathing of life into my static pieces through this use motion and light and the collaborative fusion of fantastic creative minds.'

Watch the short now, exclusively on SHOWstudio, and be sure to visit our newly-installed SHOWcabinet from tomorrow, 18 April, to see some of Burke's work in the flesh.


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  1. ANNIE
    20:57 17 Apr 2013