by Lara Johnson-Wheeler .

Alba Hodsoll's show 'PoV' at Cob Gallery

Last night, young British artist Alba Hodsoll opened her show 'PoV' at the Cob Gallery, 25 Royal College Street. Curated by SHOWstudio contributor Dominic Jones and founder of GIRLS ONLY Antonia Marsh, the show explores perspective, the representation of the nude form and the question of anonymity in intimacy.  

'PoV' borrows its title from an acronym that describes a genre of pornography in which sexual acts are filmed and watched from the point of view of one partner. Lit by imposing red bulbs, the works explore scenes of sexual activity, a concept that becomes apparent only with a shift of perspective. Hodsoll creates limbs, genitals and juicy flanks through rounded areas of colour and fluid lines implying negation of space. Distorting the relationship between viewer and subject, the pieces force the viewer into a narcissistic self-comparison with the work. 

The show features both large scale canvases and delicate minute works on linen, board, paper or leather. The red 'Sold' dots peppered the walls of the gallery at the Private View last night, a clear indication that people want a piece of 'PoV'. Hodsoll maintains a presence in her work. Her heavily cropped and zoomed-in sex scenes can’t help but lead one to wonder where the artist is viewing the scene and who precisely is present, inspiring an inevitable voyeuristic interest in not only the works, but their creator as well.

‘PoV’ is open at the Cob Gallery from 9 – 25 February 2017.