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Alexander McQueen Interview Launch

Following our live broadcast of McQueen's 'Plato's Atlantis' show on Tuesday evening (which can still be seen here), we are pleased to launch an accompanying interview with the designer by SHOWstudio Director and long-time collaborator Nick Knight. Filmed four days before his Paris show, the revelatory thirty-minute interview sees McQueen discuss why he chose live broadcast this season, the key themes and ideas behind the collection, when he's most happiest and what he hopes to achieve in the future.


  1. GalileosUniverse
    07:32 10 Oct 2009
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    Now everything that could be said about such a FANTASTIC display of CRAFTMANSHIP at all levels have been said and yet ... I would like to mention that the MODELS did an utterly exquisite job while having to add motion in such out of this world Tyrannosaur Rex 'shoes' .... or should we call them SHOE-HOOFS ! :)
  2. ZakuroYugo
    09:17 10 Oct 2009
    Yes, the models did walk so impressive last show.
    Their foots wearing these shoes looked like the steps of "alien" or "unknown mysterious creature"; different from simple human beings.
    Mr Mcqueen's imagination is beyond nowadays creativity.
    Thank you, the interesting interview.
  3. hannah
    18:20 10 Oct 2009
    .. the world definitely needs more fantasy and who would have guessed that your brain goes faster than your mouth :) Thank you for squeezing this interview in the midst of busy schedule! ... enjoyed it very much!
  4. saint
    10:41 11 Oct 2009
    I feel a completely different side to Alexander Mcqueen comes across in this interview. Really touching and strangely delicate.A lovely and surprising insight into one of my favorite designer, so great to see this.
  5. la
    17:48 12 Oct 2009
    love him.