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Alice Hawkins' new project, Alice's Adventures, is now live!
Alice Hawkins' personal archive

Alice Hawkins' unique new project, Alice's Adventures, unveils her creative world exclusively on SHOWstudio. The photographer and filmaker has opened up her personal and creative diaries for the first time to give an insight into her magical works.

The project includes pages from Hawkins' sketchbooks, extensive image scans, travel polaroids and an array of written notes collected throughout her practice. Hawkins has always pursued an interest in chronicling her process from a very young age, where she began to archive the various pieces she worked on at school. Hawkins notes that she often refers back to these collections and findings to create diverse characters and use the space to log ideas for the future.

The vivacious blonde has previously provided exclusive works for SHOWstudio such as her film for our Fashion Fetish series, 'Rory', which epitomises Hawkins' unique aesthetic; bright, bold colours, alongside an unwavering ability to confront topics of sex and Taboo.

Be sure to explore all of Hawkins' archive and dissect all the the wonderous images and texts that have helped inform her kitsch world.