by Paul Hetherington .

Berlin begins

Installed in the shadow of the Fernsehturm –the 1960s communist television tower– the AMAZE ME project reached Berlin last week. A stone's throw from Alexanderplatz, located in the empty ground floor space of uber-cool Mitte clothes store The Apartment, you'd be forgiven for thinking that we had the entire space to ourselves. Unsigned and totally invisible at street level, a small spiral staircase leads those in the know down to a secret plush basement, stocking Raf Simons and Bernhard Willhelm, among others.

The proprietor Christof was more than happy to let us take over, and brand the exterior with our AMAZE ME graphics. A very interesting contrast to London, where retail space rents would not even allow such a store of this size, and the idea of giving over the entire ground floor to exhibitions is unimaginable.