by Lou Stoppard .

Bobby Gillespie talks '2013'

Inspired by her work with Reptile Youth, Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie selected rising artistic talent - and SHOWstudio discovery - Rei Nadal to direct the video for the band's latest release. Inspired by the pointed lyrics of 2013, the full nine minute video unpicks themes of dissent, anger and unrest using the signature dark yet romantic visuals that Nadal promoted on her Tumblr. As we launch an exclusive 9 minute version of the work, Bobby Gillespie tells us the ideas and inspirations behind the dynamic new video...

'I discovered Rei after my wife Katy England came back from a meeting with Nick Knight who showed her some Tumblr blogs he was grooving on. Rei was the main one Nick was enthusing about. There was a film she made for a band called Reptile Youth that I thought was great in terms of the images she had chosen and the way they were edited. Seeing this film gave me the idea that we maybe shared a similar aesthetic. I got in touch with Rei and we met up and  had a good talk and I played her some music and we started sending each other our favourite Tumblrs/blogs and we took it from there.' Read the full interview here.

Watch Rei Nadal's video for 2013 now!