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Broadcast next Thursday: LiveStudio - Walter Hugo

As part of the SHOWstudio Shop exhibition Practice to Deceive, next week photographer Walter Hugo takes up residence in our Bruton Place LiveStudio. Both dark and ephemeral, Hugo's haunting portraiture is already showcased as part of the exhibition, and his LiveStudio session allows a sneaky glimpse behind Hugo's lens, and into the intricate processes behind his imagery.

However, this isn't your standard point-and-click, or even high-tech digital wizardry. Hugo's methods revive photographic techniques more at home in 1911 than 2011, with Hugo coating, exposing and fixing his silver nitrate portraits on plates of glass. What's more, to capture said images Hugo must create a gigantic camera obscura - which will be painstaking assembled in our LiveStudio through the course of next week and documented on the BLOG.

On Thursday 12 May 2011 we will live stream the entire process as Hugo photographs his choice of contemporary London's great and good, offering a decidedly twenty-first century platform to these almost-lost nineteenth-century photographic traditions. Alongside this expanding portrait project chronicling young London's creative best, Hugo is offering a select group of twenty patrons the opportunity to commission their own images, shot next week in tandem with Hugo's own choice of bright young things and key talents in the capital. Capturing his sitters within a giant camera obscura, this is a rare chance not only to observe but to experience a slice of photographic history in the making.