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Celebrating fashion's greatest fantasists

'People enjoy fantasy. They enjoy the freedom it suggests and the proposition of a different life. Stylists are just as responsible for that as anyone in history.' - Nick Knight, foreword to Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries.

The cult of personality surrounding the stylist is a new phenomenon. These creatives were once the forgotten heroes of the fashion world. Whilst anthologies of designers and models are common place, column inches dedicated to stylists were few and far between. Katie Baron's newly released book Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries rectifies this, celebrating the iconic work of some of this century's most talented dreamers, including Katie Grand, Edward Enninful and Nicola Formichetti. It explores how stylists can bring clothes to life, giving them an importance, relevance and meaning that the mere catwalk never can. They are among fashion's most important story tellers.

With wonderful imagery, candid interviews and a foreword from Nick Knight this is true sartorial porn for any fashion lover.