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Craig Green offers up a 'Fashion Mix'

Everyone loves Craig Green - just remember how much Tim Blanks raved about him in our London round-up panel discussion! The rising star's also just been nominated for The Design Museum's Designer of the Year award for his MA Fashion 2012 graduate collection. Naturally then, our Fashion Mix project wouldn't be complete with out his top tunes.

Known for his house-like wooden structures and clever way with textiles, Green favors fashion with a bit of punch, so it's no surprise that his mix is packed with emotive anthems from musical superstars like Kate Bush, Philip Glass and Bjork. Additionally, the playlist echoes the balance between anarchy and simplicity that Green creates in his collections, with the calm serenity of songs by Placebo and Radiohead being offset by the riotous energy of The Smashing Pumpkins.

Immerse yourself in Green's Fashion Mix now!