by Penny Martin .

Denise displays Active Resistance at the Westwood press day!

Inbetween arranging a forthcoming major Vivienne Westwood restrospective in Japan, manning the 'Free Leonard Peltier' campaign and not to mention running a madly busy press showroom, Head of Press Denise Zamaroni took a moment to detail Vivienne Westwood's current passion, which underpins the S/S '06 collection. Enraged and deeply concerned by the British government's attempts to suspend Habeas Corpus (allowing citizens to be detained by the police for ninety days without trial), Vivienne has issued an 'Active Resistance to Propaganda' manifesto (which Denise here sports). By wearing the 'AR' or 'I am not a terrorist: please don't arrest me' T-shirts, not only are you supporting the 'Vivenne Westwood for Liberty' campaign, you are also battling for a basic civil liberty, for which activists such as The Luddites, Machine-Breakers, Chartists and other nineteenth century libertarians were prepared to go to their death. How depressing that the extent of our contemporary activism stops at buying T-shirts.