by Penny Martin .

DON'T BOTHER TO KNOCK: Project Launched!

The first entry of Asia Argento's video diary has just been published. The Italian actress will be publishing entries three time daily, at 6pm, midnight and noon until next Wednesday, 25th October, so keep an eye on the LIVE section to keep up to date.


  1. friend
    12:37 17 Oct 2006
    Asia,je suis emue,mon ange.
    So intimate,I feel so touched.
    Are you sure you want to open yopurself so much?
  2. silvergem
    13:36 17 Oct 2006
  3. aficionado
    20:04 28 Oct 2006
    Asia, your're simply beautiful !
  4. weDONT
    19:47 18 Oct 2009
    how I can find don't bother to knock videos?please let me know something