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Emma Forrest provides a new Fashion Fetish essay

Our fourth Fashion Fetish essay, based on Asia Argento's fifty-strong film series Don't Bother To Knock, is now live. In a twist - focusing on explaining the process behind Argento's work, rather than unpicking the final product - writer Emma Forrest provides the original and unedited script that helped inform the series. Her words were used as a malleable guide, rather than an enforced structured, allowing the films to intertwine reality with fantasy. This exclusive and previously unseen piece celebrates the meticulous creative collaboration between Nick Knight and Argento, allowing viewers a new chance to explore the series' play on fact and fiction. You'll see that while certain pieces, such as 'Doctors', stick closely to the Forrest's words, others descend into a free, raw and open dialogue. Compare and contrast for yourself now.