by Sue-Wen Quek .

Fashion Week 2013 Singapore update

According to Indonesian designer Sebastian Gunawan, the modern-day muse is driven, international, dynamic and original, all the while being unapologetically glamorous. Tonight, glittering gowns by Gunawan and his team showcased the most exquisite craftsmanship, modelled by girls styled to look like ethereal beings - who would be held down only by a lot of crystals, that is. They marched out to a slightly odd rock and club remix of motivational music such as the UK national anthem to Queen's 'We are the champions'. Every heavily encrusted design contoured and fell like fluid on each models body, and would have a place in many a society woman's black tie wardrobe certainly in Jakarta where there is a big Tatler-like community, but above all Gunawan was adamant to communicate that strong character and bling must go hand in hand. 

It is an overall interesting proposition given we are so used to the idea that we liberated ladies today have no time to look glamorous. This does not quite hold up over in the Far East it has seemed, where more is more is more is more - and we expect that tomorrow's shows, particularly of Chinese couturier Guo Pei will prove again just that. This evening, Lie Sang Bong also showed a remix of his Spring / Summer 2014 from Paris; his cleaner, futuristic aesthetic - and very different clientele - might be revealing of the Korean designer's Parisian influence. 

Tomorrow we also start shooting our fashion film featuring exciting pieces from the designers involved so stay tuned!