by Alexander Fury .

Final shot of the day!

Our final shot frozen in action on the monitor
...and the aftermath!

Our seventh - and final - look for Liu Wen consist of taut velvet trousers by New York label Proenza Schouler and an ivory silk blouse with trompe l'oeil draped swags by Viktor & Rolf. Although the man himself is unfortunately absent for todays final vignette of action, Michael Howells lace backdrop and vibrant sulphur-yellow roses both come into play, as Liu Wen plucks petal after petal and lets them drop to the floor (under the watchful gaze of Ruth Hogben's camera, of course). Alongside this final shot, Nick Knight has been snapping away at some of the paraphernalia procured by Michael for inclusion in the film - although exactly how a a selection of photographs, jewellery and concrete carvings will be incorporated into the final imagery remains a mystery until post-production has worked its magic. We'll keep all rapt viewers updated as to when the final film short will premier simultaneously on SHOWstudio and in around two months time.

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