by Penny Martin .

Final Walk-Through

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Amid a cherry blossom-like storm of tiny tissue butterflies, the models did their walk-through, before Galliano did his lap of honour, dressed as Mad King Ludwig II. You may remember him from Bjork's In Camera interview, in response to Michael Jackson's question. (Goodness me, how peculiar is my job?!) ANYWAY, how do I know which precise swashbuckling German eccentric he came as? Because my contacts tell me he enlisted Thomas Lenthal at Numero to have the costume made!


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  1. GalileosUniverse
    11:40 23 Jan 2007
    A tiny proof of a great moment ! would be fantastic to be able to see the whole show if possible...there are so many details to greatly admire in this collection....the finale is just out of this world !...compliments to John Galliano et all !