by Alexander Fury .

First look at our first look!

Panos' pom-poms
Kass the Clown works the first look with couture precision

'Haute Couture Harlequin from Hell' were the first words that leapt to my mind upon seeing the countenance of Carmen Kass in Panos Yiapanis' first hardcore concoction for our Clown shoot. Other than a few additions from Panos' dedicated army of crafty helpers, she's in head-to-toe A/W 2009 Alexander McQueen, with a sacque-back opera coat, fierce-shouldered jumpsuit and frilled organza blouse all smothered in eye-popping monochroime houndstooth. Ditto the lacquer-soled seven-inch platform heels, which Panos has playfully adorned with blood-red pom-poms. Elsewhere, Panos' handiwork is evident in some serious heavy metal leather leggings (studded with a good kilo of hardware) and a houndstooth muzzle strapping Kass' features like Leatherface. Ironically, the strapping, wrapping and cinching of this unique getup is not dissimilar to the archly preened and poised straight-lacing of postwar couture - remember the handspan waspies of Dior's New Look or those painfully taut ribbons at the back of Mainbocher's iconic corset? Carmen is naturally forced into unnatural modes of modelling, and thus her poses have all the glamour of old-school Irving Penn. That's our first look and initial opinions, at least - the interesting thing will be to see how that translates to Nick Knight's final images in AnOther Magazine this Autumn.