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Fraser Hamilton launches his new collection!

Fraser Hamilton has been a SHOWstudio favourite ever since he featured in our 2012 exhibition In Your Face. Shown alongside artworks that explored confrontational portraiture by heavy weights including Raymond Pettibon, Douglas Gordon, Santiago Sierra and Anj Smith, Hamilton's signature Idols collection presented a series of miniaturised monuments in wearable form. Jewellery, created by a sculptor, that challenged the very notion of the statuesque.

Now, Fraser has launched a new range which is available through SHOWstuido Shop. There are the familiar broken obelisks and carved gems alongside a series of new rings hosting reclining women and some stunning hand carved necklaces. He has said of the collection, ‘I became fascinated by the skill and mysticism of how things were made.  I always wanted to make something amazing and monumental.’ And he has, but not on the scale you'd ordinarily expect. Made miniature and uprooted from mounts or plinths, Hamilton's intricate sculptures are placed instead onto the body and travel with the wearer. Hamilton has observed, ‘This miniaturisation of the monstrous is what I currently follow. I'm re imagining statues of power or seduction and carving them as personal obelisks or totems.’ He studied metalwork at the RCA, and later travelled extensively in Japan and Mexico, and cites both of these experiences as having influenced his practice.

Hamilton’s first complete collection explores the narrative behind his jewellery, 'I turned objects into jewellery that told a story of where they were placed, why they were worn, what made them and how they worked.' He then incorporated heads and hands as symbols of knowledge, power and invention, engineering mini- structures that explore ideas of function and design.

The pieces are now available through SHOWstudio Shop. Why not have a browse for yourself?