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Gareth Pugh Spring/Summer 2013 Re-see

SHOWstudio's Lou Stoppard talks details and transitions with progressive fashion designer Gareth Pugh. This S/S 13 Re-see provides amazing insights into the inspirations behind his latest collection, including the pride and joy associated with South American cock-fighting and the aggressive beauty of flamenco dancers. Perhaps a sign of maturing expression, Pugh also explains that rather than communicating everything in his head in this one collection, he chose to strip the concepts to their core, tell a story and show more layers. With an added hint of romanticism, the collection is explained in terms of intentional rises and troughs. Pugh divulges that he wanted start with a mourning (tears included) mantilla-clad ‘chalice group’ then move to a more romantic happy element and end with the joyful feverish flourish of a rich red bolero/cape. 

Stoppard engages Pugh in the details of the accessories, the fabrication, the contrasts in textures and finishes and how they further the communication of his inspiration. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to also hear about Pugh’s view on showing in Paris and the importance of distance and reflection to his work.


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  1. Estefany
    18:12 8 Jan 2013
    gsfdgfdstkjh......omg, HAIR ENVY.ok ok ok, I'm growing my hair out now. How long did it take you to get to that lentgh? Do you have some serious bobby pin scaffolding to keep it like that? its brilliant, as are the shoes/pants combo. I'm guessing you want to protect your identity somewhat, BUT I'm so curious as to what field of work your in, are you somehow connected to the art world.......? have a lovely weekend!