by Christabel Stewart .

Golden imperative

Whilst this weekends premiere London art frenzy -the Frieze Art Fair- promised event culture that spanned deconstructed tours of its very infrastructure to fashion luminaries Peter Saville and Isabella Blow commenting on what you were wearing, there was of course a glittering party in honour of every major artist in town with an exhibition to their name. My personal favourite emcompassed a tight collision of exhibition, performance and party at 'White Cubicle', a ladies toilet in the noisily celebrated and itself recently exhibited George and Dragon pub that is occasionally co-opted by Pablo Leon de la Barra for an irreverently-toned programme of claustrophobic exhibitions. Hastily corrected but otherwise pristine gold-lettered cards announced Terence Koh's "temple of the golden piss", a lavish latrine anti-shrine (denoted by an inverted crucifix door-piece) that was strangely compelling as a beacon of both the freedoms and absurdities emcompassed by the art world right now. Warhol's Piss Paintings come to seamy life?

Click the image above for a video clip.