by Lou Stoppard .

Goodbye Amy Ireland!

Today we bid farewell to our Production Manager, the wonderful Miss Amy Ireland. In many ways I'm not the best person to be writing this blog, I've only worked alongside Amy for a few short months, whereas the rest of the team have had the pleasure of her company for three years (including over the entire relaunch of the site!). But even in that limited time I have learnt that Amy is the best kind of person to work with; organised, pragmatic and, most of all, really really nice. Amy makes everyone's jobs easier, often by taking on more than she should. Amy has been many things at SHOWstudio; a content manager, an accountant, a TV producer (ha!), a PR, a flower arranger, a guest getter, a HR manager, a counsellor, and last but not least the best Production Manager we could have hoped for. Her chameleon abilities will be sorely missed. Goodbye and good luck Amy Ireland (like the country).


  1. Dobie Gray
    22:48 5 Oct 2012
    I second that emotion
  2. Alex Fury
    12:01 9 Oct 2012
    And her fashion body cameo Northern Soul dancing appearance is second to none! No man is an island, but one woman is an Ireland. She'll be missed.