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Hatstand - a new fashion film by Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben
Fashion Film

On 16 September 2012 Philip Treacy made an explosive return to London Fashion Week with a star-studded show featuring a line up of all black models clad in iconic outfits from Michael Jackson's stage wardrobe and incredible, gravity-defying headwear. The show - which kicked off with a performance by Lady Gaga - aimed to capture the energy and confidence of some of Treacy's most committed shoppers. The milliner was inspired by his passion for Michael Jackson and the confidence expressed by many of his African clients. He told WWD, 'I love African girls, and I love Michael Jackson - he's the ultimate African-American entertainer. The show was also based loosely on the contrast between white women who come into my shop, try on a hat, and then look at me for reassurance - and black women. They'll put on a hat and think, 'I look great!' They have a different sense of exuberance, an inner exuberance.'

To celebrate the firece attitudes and fabulous fashion on show at the event Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben collaborate on Hatstand, an energizing new fashion film. Striking model Grace Bol dons hats, fascinators, helmets and organic orbs from Treacy’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection as well as outfits from Michael Jackson's stage wardrobe archives (selected by super stylist Katy England), all while pulsing to the bassy drumbeats of the film soundtrack. Do not miss out on this inspiring example of contemporary fashion communication!