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Henry Holland: Moving Portrait

We're proud to launch the first in a series of dynamic Moving Portraits shot by photographer and filmmaker Clive Booth. The series aims to give an insight into leading figures within the fashion industry. With his first subject, Henry Holland, Booth sought to present the British designer in an honest way, revealing something that may not be familiar to the public and displaying his passion, energy and openness. 

The film was shot in 4K, a relatively new medium to Booth and one which provides an unprecedented amount of detail. As always, part of SHOWstudio's aim in producing Moving Portraits is to unveil the mystery surrounding techniques and technologies. As well as the beautiful end results, the overall project aims to explore and explain the processes involved in making a short film, including the technicalities involved with shooting in 4K.

Take a look at the Henry Holland portrait now, and stay tuned for more in the series!