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Hopkins's LiveStudio: hour six

Since 11:00 BST this morning, London-based jewellery designer Kyle Hopkins has taken up residence in our studio. A Still Life sees the intrepid young artist complete an intricate death mask, inspired by our current exhibition Death. Now, almost at the end of day one, associate editor Lou Stoppard puts your questions to the man himself.

'I love London. I came here for school and there is something incredible about the UK. At the moment it is just like a shit storm of cool stuff happening in London. I mean look at SHOWstudio you wouldn't get somewhere like this elsewhere,' enthuses the designer on his adoptive city and the creative opportunities here.

Working with metal and craft since the age of six, Hopkins has developed a signature style. 'Jewellery is so many little tasks and small tiny things. The challenge for me has always been getting past technique. It took me a decade and a half just to get past thinking abut how to make things. Once I started to get past thinking about how to actually do things I really started to speak with jewellery. I had enough words that I could build sentences then paragraphs.'

As candid an artist as you're likely to find, put your questions to Hopkins now.