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In Your Face: Void of Course, Two Day Residency

The London based collaborative force Void Of Course are now settled and well into their two day residency at SHOWstudio, live streaming from 10:30 GMT today, Wednesday 22nd February and Thursday 23rd February.

Answering your questions for the entirety of their stay Sean Antony Moran and Chris Sutton, along with their assistant Peter, have already given us an insight into their dream celebrity client (Gillian Anderson), designing a corset over an iPhone, their views on London Fashion Week and why there is a gas masked baby doll in their SHOWstudio home. Enter your questions here for the consideration of the legendary design duo and the chance to win a Void Of Course tee shirt. 

Stay tuned to their 'performance portrait' to see every stage of their creative process as they create a unique head piece and garment for SHOWstudio. Inspired by Francis Bacon, Hiroshima, sex dolls and Buffalo Bill, Sean and Chris will transform several metres of elastic, liquid latex, crystals and a pair of rubber breasts into a darkly beautiful erotic fantasy fuelled by self surgery and mental deterioration.