by Penny Martin .

Invitation for SHOWstudio Viewers to Attend!!

If your name's down, you're coming in!! Submissions to perform at REVUE have now closed. But there's still the small matter of 50 cameramen/guests that we need to come along on the 11th, watch our performers, eat our food, drink our drink and help us shoot the film!! Register here and you will be sent an e-mail with details of the secret location. Places are limited, the programme is shaping up to be very exciting and food and drink will be free flowing, so come early to avoid disappointment! We look forward to meeting you all at last...


  1. VikramKansara
    03:57 4 Apr 2007
    Where is the event? Somewhere in London I presume?
  2. PennyMartin
    12:20 4 Apr 2007
    Yes, in London, Vikram. I'm assuming you can't make it over? !