by Neal Bryant .

iQ by Intel
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iQ by Intel is a new web based social-publishing platform that aims to narrate the impact of technology on our lives and provide an increased insight into the brand Intel.

In what resembles a digital magazine, similar in appearance to Google's news aggregator Newsmap and Flipboard, Intel employees curate aggregated and self created content. iQ, designed primarily to be read on smart phones and tablets, pulls in curated content from the leading thinkers, engineers and scientists at Intel, as well as pulling in content from wider technology sites like Mashable, TechCrunch and social networking streams.

As the site has just launched the content is primarily pulled from a couple of recognisable sources, but as the flow of information continues to grow, it will only be articles that have been recommended by a certain amount of people that will feature on the front page. Intel wants the experience to be democratic, with a view of engaging their younger audience and further encouraging discussion about technological developments, which they belief will push the human race forward.

Whether this is an attempt for Intel to reveal more of the brand to their audience or to push their backing of touchscreen devices, or to even encourage coverage of Intel, it will be interesting to see the platform develop further and its great to see them sharing the technological developments that are exciting them.