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Jah's tramlines receive refinement courtesy of Bea Sweet...

As a glistening Chichi in cropped burgundy tracksuit (an international mix of London Fashion Week heavyweight Astrid Andersen, Italian icon Prada and German superbrand adidas) is making herself firmly at home in front of Nick Knight's lens here at Bruton Place, Jah is receiving finishing touches to her look formed from assorted tramlines, piercings and tattoos.


  1. sasha
    22:06 11 Nov 2012
    Am really proud and happy for you baby, you done well and keep up the good work. Thankz to all for looking and takeing ma baby for who and what she is God blessx
  2. hawa
    09:58 16 Nov 2012
    awwwwwwwww bonnie love your pic them xxxx well done