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Our exclusive J.W. Anderson re-see is now live!

When J.W. Anderson's latest menswear collection, coined 'The Mathematics of Love', hit the runway in London, the reaction it caused was instantaneous and stole the headlines on major publications worldwide. As Lou Stoppard pointed out in her show report, 'right from the first exit, traditional codes of gender were upturned'. Men were placed in skirts and dresses, ruffled gloves and knee high boots, whilst muscled legs and arms were left bare.

Our Re-See presents a unique opportunity to put all the press coverage and hearsay to one side, and hear straight from J.W. Anderson himself. The designer is joined in conversation with Lou Stoppard as the pair re-watch the collection in its entirety, and talk openly about the designs on show.

'London has to be something else, there's no point in being a follower, this industry is about exploring new things, new line and new proportion', points out the Irish designer.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to re-visit the show and finally get to grips with J.W. Anderson's latest controversial design offerings.