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J.W.Anderson live panel begins in 5 minutes

Lastly, our busiest day of live streams ends with the individual talent that is J.W. Anderson who is one of SHOW’s ones-to-watch this season. His latest collaboration with Topshop included, he is an emerging force to be reckoned with. Lou Stoppard, Prism director Anna Laub, designer Judy Blame and creative consultant Amanda Harlech will be our panelists for this live stream. Tune in now


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  1. Daniel
    11:28 10 Jan 2013
    Thames skyline 2 ABC triglane 1ABC triglane 0 BBC Schools diamond 1BBC Schools diamond 3 Ulster oscilloscope on a stick 0Ulster oscilloscope on a stick 0 ABC triglane 1BBC Schools diamond 1 Thames skyline 2Ulster oscilloscope on a stick 0 vs Thames skyline 2Ulster never took the game seriously, alas, and put their ident together on the back of a fag packet the night before launch. Or so it would seem.