by Alexander Fury .

Live shoot now over!

Glamorous as a fashion shoot may seem, for a great deal of the time the studio looks like this: a blank canvas waiting while models are dressed, shots are planned, or - as with yesterday's shoot - while they cavort through the corridors of Somerset House in a Jaiden rVa James gimp-mask. Okay, that last one isn't such a 'standard' reason, but it was the reason for the team's conspicuous absence through much of yesterday afternoon. We're now back on track - and after a day of hectic activity here in the LiveStudio, we've finished for the day! Will will of course keep you updated with more 'Re-bel' news - and reveal those final images - early in 2010.

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  1. hudson
    04:35 5 Nov 2009
    THAT was exactly what I saw for most of moday AND tuesday. What's the point of using a live studio if you don't actually use it?