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Matthew Williams live In Fashion interview, Friday 31 January

Earlier this week Matthew Williams was in the studio, working on an exciting up-coming fashion film with Nick Knight featuring the new #BEENTRILL# X KTZ collaboration. Williams is a member of the cult collective #BEENTRILL# and also no stranger to SHOWstudio, having worked on projects such as #ScreenTests - a short film with A$AP Rocky who is a regualr collaborator and friend of Williams - and a powerful film for Hood By Air's S/S 13 collection

We are extrememly pleased to announce Williams' next venture with SHOWstudio will be a live streamed, in-depth interview with our editor Lou Stoppard, in contribution to our rolling In Fashion series. 

The interview will take place this Friday, 31 January at 13:30 GMT. Don't miss it!