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'Men's Bottoms' by Shaun Cole

[blockquote]Men’s bottoms are a contested and emotive sight/site. Their visibility in fashion and fashion related imagery presents a variety of readings that are influenced by the multitude of cultural ambiguities and attitudes that surround relationships with the human rear end.[/blockquote]
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Our second Fashion Body essay of the week comes from Shaun Cole - simply, but provocatively, titled Men's Bottoms. A point of contention throughout the ages, particularly through fashion (medieval priests blamed the snug male hose of the period for an increase in sodomy), Cole's textual analysis is, in effect, the male counterpart to those very female buttocks proffered by Ruth Hogben in her fashion film. Couple this essay with that short, and with Cole's previous essay examining masculine underpinnings for our Boned project and we have a veritable treatise on the behind in all its connotations.