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Milking Mayfair - exclusive essay now live
Daphne Guinness' film dissected

'In the opening seconds of her milking, Guinness staggers forward a few steps, the cold milk, straight from the fridge, providing a shock to the central nervous system.'

Canadian based writer Erin O'Brien has provided an exclusive article on Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness' candid video Milking Mayfair, in which Guinness is filmed by Knight pouring six litres of milk over herself in our old Bruton Place headquarters. O'Brien draws upon the craze of 'milking', a tradition born out of the dorms of Newcastle University. Students would hide in trees or hang out of high floored windows and pour milk over unsuspecting victims. The tradition took off online, with thousands staging their own videos.

The visual identity of the milk cascading over Guinness' body provides a beautiful reference point for O'Brien's inquisitive eye. 'The clean, opaque residue of the milk on Guinness’s face makes her resemble a marble sculpture'.

Watch the video now before reading the enigmatic article to broaden your understanding of the film and the mad craze of milking!