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Naomi Stands Tall!

Trying out for size in the Somerset House exhibition space
Naomi's head and foot

SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution will open its doors at London's Somerset House in just over two months, and naturally our preparations are well and truly underway.

Above is just part of one of the first exhibits to hit visitors when they arrive at the exhibition space: a twenty-foot sculpture of Naomi Campbell, created from Nick Knight's 3-D scans of the supermodel captured back in 2007 on the set of our Naomi project, Come 18 September, Ms Campbell will tower imposingly over the Embankment Gallery at Somerset House - but at the moment, she's a head and a fetching high-heeled shoe (with the array of It shoes about, a metaphor for much of fashion right now). Hopefully these snaps give some idea of the impressive scale of the final piece - just one of twenty-plus SHOWstudio projects and exhibtis that will be showcased as part of this major exhibition.


  1. leonor
    19:05 17 Jul 2009
    What is she made out of? Looks like plaster or maybe sanstone. Heavy lifting.
  2. alex.fury
    11:55 20 Jul 2009
    Hi Leonor,
    The Naomi sculpture may look hefty but in fact it is made out of compacted polystyrene, so no heavy lifting required.
  3. DanielBrown
    15:26 21 Jul 2009
    Whoa! I didn't realise it was that big! Fantastic!
  4. megalolz
    12:45 24 Jul 2009