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New project launched - Naomi Campbell process and interactive sculpture films!

Statuesque is the word for Naomi Campbell, an icon of our time who, it seems, can inflame opinion in any observer. Statuesque is also the word for 'Naomi' - Nick Knight's 25-foot interactive sculpture that formed the centrepiece of the exhibition SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution at London's Somerset House.

Our latest project, Naomi Campbell: Statuesque, documents each and every step behind the two-year process of creating this super-sized monolith to a true Supermodel, including the intricate steps of Kev Stenning of Rapido3D scanning Naomi's legendary body and refashioning her as a three-dimensional form. In the work's final installation - as interactive exhibit as part of SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution - Campbell's recreated form was utilised by exhibition goers and online viewers as a global conduit for communication, illustrated here by Nick Knight's narrated tour of the piece, and also by a ten-minute extract taken from three months of live footage showing Naomi dressed and undressed by layers of projected 'graffiti'.