by Niamh White .

Nick Knight interviews photographer Ray Stevenson

Nick Knight continues his series of interviews Punk: Photography today with a call to Ray Stevenson. They discuss one of punks most enduring images, Stevenson's portrait of Soo Catwoman.

The photograph presents an unusually alluring vision of a movement that valued everything depraved and degenerate. Gazing directly down the camera lens, Soo Catwoman's prerogative was to dress in a way that would provoke and aggravate- she shaved her hair to look like cat ears, flaunted multiple piercings and dressed in the expected seditionaries apparel. Stevenson reveals however that it had the exact opposite effect on him and in fact, he was held in thrall of her look. This reaction seems to have been shared, with the image gracing the covers of multiple publications internationally. In the interview, Stevenson reveals details about this shoot that was commissioned by Malcolm McLaren and contemplates the punk legacy.

A print of this image is being displayed as part of SHOWstudio's current exhibition The Photography of Punk and is shown alongside work by Robert Mapplethorpe, Jon Savage and more. The prints are all available to buy from SHOWstudio Shop.

The interview series continues next week when Nick Knight speaks with Jon Savage about his photographs of West Kensington and Judy Linn who photographed Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith in the early 1970s.