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Our Print series is back with Scott King and Sleazenation

Check out the latest instalment of our Print project!

Launched in 1996, Sleazenation was created as 'an ideal for living through fashion, art, music and design.' It has gone on to become a uniquely influential publication, differentiating itself from other magazines of that time. 

Today, catch up with Scott King, Sleazenation's former creative director, as he chats about the magazine’s legacy and impact. 'The immediate problem though, the terrible irony, was that anything you put in a style magazine, any kind of ‘scathing critique’ is immediately and only consumed as some form of ‘cool’. Whatever you say is overwhelmed by the format: a format that is expressly about trivia,' he argues, tellingly.

Read the interview now, and take a look through Sleazenation yourself. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Print.