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Paris fashion week roundup - more from Vuitton and McQueen

Paris fashion week – and this fashion season of shows – has officially come to an end. After Miu Miu’s show today, SHOWstudio is rounding up its Paris fashion week coverage.

Our fashion week reporter Stephanie LaCava - who has been covering the Paris shows for us alongside the wonderful Kiki Georgiou - recounts her wonderful experiences in the city and discusses her newfound style obsessions: ‘
I am in love with a strange, darkness and I found this at a few shows and for whatever reason in all the purple paired with black. Maybe it’s a Jean d'Arc thing, but there's a sexiness to what people mistake as ‘witch’, when in reality it is a woman who is extraordinary, just not like others. I've always loved Merlin sleeves and anything that drags in wake as we walk away, the same goes for floppy hats (Saint Laurent) and tortoiseshell (Alexander McQueen). Both are part of casting spells and in the end, that's what fashion is for, to enchant and create an image that isn't always real, even when we want it to be.’

SHOWstudio would like to thank the lovely reporters Kiki Georgiou and Stephanie LaCava for their fantastic reports up on our collections page. Read their stories now!