by Paul Bruty .

Performance Collage

Believe it or not CWYTCH's latest entry to our REVUE Audition Gallery is not the first 'performance collage' we've had to grace the site. Memories of Alun Davies' winning entry for PSP AMAZE ME still lives on in our minds (and here). That's not to say we wouldn't be happy to see more of the same and with the REVUE deadline for auditions looming time for this latest window of opportunity is running out. Click here to read our audition instructions before sending us your entries (not necessarily a collage).


  1. CWTCH
    23:47 26 Mar 2007
    At Cwtch we are not affraid of repetition, in fact we actively promote it in our workshops. However we promise that our piece for Revue will be on a completely new visual level. We may even smile for the camera this time.
  2. PennyMartin
    14:27 27 Mar 2007
    Good show, CWTCH!!! We're intrigued. May we also ask what CWTCH stands for (or is that a daft question)?
  3. CWTCH
    13:33 3 Apr 2007
    No that's not a daft question at all. Firstly Cwtch is not an anagram but a welsh word for 'an affectionate hug'. There's no literal English translation, but its nearest equivalent is "safe place".
    This was our starting point for forming as a collective and creating performance/Theatre work.
    However if you were asking what we for stand for ideologically then maybe that's a different question.
  4. Kathy
    19:56 7 Apr 2013
    , I think that it would be great if at some point you wrote about love using an essay-style aorcpaph, the sort of aorcpaph you used in your recent post on commitment. I'm sure that your readers would benefit from what you had to say. This is just a friendly suggestion, of course. Mainly, I just wanted to say thanks for the blog. : )