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Petal is complete!

After a hectic two days of buds, blooms and bikers Claire Barrow's Petal LiveStudio is complete. Edited footage of the stream - complete with a dynamic session from today's model Faris Badwan - will be available shortly. A huge thank you to Claire and Faris for their amazing work!

There's more Flora action coming up shortly! This was the first in a trio of LiveStudios inspired by Nick Knight's latest exhibition. Next up we have fabulous milliner Piers Atkinson on 21 and 22 November followed by lingerie couturier Carine Gilson the week after on 27 and 28. Stay tuned!


  1. Lauren
    22:30 8 Nov 2012
    Is this an item that will be for sale?
  2. intern
    09:27 9 Nov 2012
    Yes from SHOWstudio Shop shortly!